A Friend in Need

When Megan finds out her best friend has died in a car crash, she doesn't know what to think. Ella was so careful crossing roads -so why did she walk in front of a van? An unexpected visitor confirms her suspicions and she tries to bring peace to her lost friend.


6. The End

The next month was easier. The police followed the lead Megan had given them, and they found out about the attack. The men were taken in for questioning, then eventually found guilty of murder.



Megan was at court that day, and as the men were taken away she saw Elle. She was waving and smiling, and eating a yogurt. Megan began to laugh, not caring about the horrified looks from the rest of the room. She waved back at her best friend, knowing that she had helped her and she could truly rest in peace now. She watched as Elle faded from her view.


She went back to school and gradually began to move on like the rest of her friends. She learned to cope with not have Elle with her, learned to have new friends. But she didn't forget her; she could never forget her.


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