A Friend in Need

When Megan finds out her best friend has died in a car crash, she doesn't know what to think. Ella was so careful crossing roads -so why did she walk in front of a van? An unexpected visitor confirms her suspicions and she tries to bring peace to her lost friend.


1. The News

It had been a whole month now. Everyone at her school had stopped talking about it, new gossip taking its place. They hadn't forgotten about it, though, which made things even worse because people still looked at Megan with a patronising look of pity every time she walked past. It was horrible.


31 days ago exactly Megan's best friend had been ran over by a van. She remembered being told, the next day, in a school assembly along with a massive group of people she didn't even know.

"As I'm sure some of you are aware, one of our beloved students was involved in a tragic accident yesterday," the headteacher began. All the students looked up, curious. "Eleanor Smith unfortunately passed away in hospital last night." It took her a while to register what she'd heard, but Megan's first thought was anger: Elle hated people calling her Eleanor. Then Megan screamed.


It was a blood curdling scream. The teachers ran to her, ushering her away from the crowds. They tried to help her but she knew they didn't care, that she was one kid in a sea of thousands and she didn't matter. They didn't understand why she was so upset.

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