Martahiri Games

This is A film Noir that I was set for homework to write up the script.... Enjoy!


6. [SCENE 5]



Fade in:

Jamie is seen sitting with the gangs in a meeting with secret messages and images of rose on the cofee table beteween them


Jamie: so you see, my friends, this is why you cannot trust rose…


GAng 1 leader: and all this time we thought eachother were our enemies


Gang 2 leader: yet the real enemy was our most trusted friend


Jamie: well I wouldn’t say enem…… (cut off)


Gang 1 leader: what say you ‘bout calling a truce?




Gang 1 leader: (grabs his gun and amies it at gang 2 Leader)YOU still want war after all this?


Gang 2 leader: no my friend, i wish peace on our gangs too, but thres one thing we must still do. our usual enemies do not get off lightly.

Gang 1 Leader: that is true, my friend


Jamie: whoa hold on she’s not your enemy she’s just a girl… (cut off again)


Gang 2 leader: well thank you mr.days, me and my new parter here have a lot to talk about.


Gang 1 leader: YEAH, thank’s for the info kid.


Gang 2 leader: yeah and you might wanna come to the ‘key’ arround Nine bet the shows kicking off there and then.


(they exit)


Jamie: what have I done?!?!? she’s not their enemy! i just wanted her out of a job, and now……OH god! theres only one way outta this…………


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