Martahiri Games

This is A film Noir that I was set for homework to write up the script.... Enjoy!


5. [SCENE 4]



Fade in:


Rose walks down a street and out of a saidway or in the shaown out steps jake behind her.

Jake: A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

She stops and closes her eyes trying to recocgnise the voice. Short pause

Rose: jake......?

Jake: none other.

She runs toward him arms out to give him a hug

Rose: Oh my lord how i’ve missed you my baby! THEY told me you was dead!

they embrace eachother

jamie: then they told ya wrong didn’t THEy, but you can get your slimy hands off me now.

Rose: huh? (looks at him puzzled but still hugging him)

jamie: (grabs her by the soulders and holds her at arms length) I know what you’re doing!

She looks at him in disbelif

you’re supplying information to both the towns gangs!

Rose: (whispered tearfully) NO! how can you know?! jamie Please try to understand, when you were gone i had nothin’!

jamie: save the crap for someone who belives you! (he pushes her away)I loved you!

Rose: (forcefully) Fine! be that way but, if word gets out and i find it’s from you, you might wanna die – and for real this time!

jamie: (with equal force) You don’t know what foreces youre messing with, rose…

she storms off angrily

jamie:  (shouting at her from a distance) I was only tring to protect you! (quieter so she can hear)because…I still care……I still love you rose…after all this time……… I still love you. but…but all you ever do is hurt me… I wish you knew how it felt

turns away and gains a sort of evil in his voice

NO! You will know how it hurts……


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