Martahiri Games

This is A film Noir that I was set for homework to write up the script.... Enjoy!


4. [SCENE 3]


Fade in:

following rose slowly down a dark street to a door of a house in which gang leader two lives in.shown that JAmie is watching but unnoticed by the other two

(rose knocks in a patterened knock)

Gang 2 Member: (from behind door) YEAH?

Rose: (sarcastically) open sesame? (pause) oh come on [gang leader 2 nickname] ya gotta know who it is right?

the door opens and provides a light that streams down the street, jamie still unnoticed

Gang 2 Member: you oughtta know by now to use the code, we don’t want just any old rif raf or trollop at our door, do we? (he leans in close to her but she pulls away)

Rose: I resent that

Gang 2 Member: aw i was only playing. anyways hun, down to buisness, what’ca got for me then doll?

She hands him the a slip of paper which he studies carefully

Rose: I trust that will be all, (mockingly)”sir”

Gang 2 member: Ey, don’t do that or ill get [insert nickname of gang 2 leader here] on you toots.

Rose: (jokingly) well in that case i better skiddadle hadnt i?

she sultures away and the door closes, Jamie pops up and talks to himself

Jamie: she iS! it all makes sense now…I gotta make her stop

the door opens again and jamie is almost caught.


Gang 2 member: (shouting as he looks arround) EY’ rose, sat’ chu’ messin’ about again?

Jamie runs off.


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