Martahiri Games

This is A film Noir that I was set for homework to write up the script.... Enjoy!


3. [SCENE 2]


Fade in:


A body covered in blood lies in the middle of a pathway. in the shadows unnoticed rose smiles and walks away while a man flees the scene and members of gang 1 enter and surround the body. one member checks the corpse for a pulse and shakes his/her head.

Gang 1 member: that’s it! they are gonna pay for this!

Gang 1 leader: yeah, get in the que and don’t be so quick jump outta’ ya’ place next time nether.

Gang member 1: sorry boss, its just he was like a brother/sister to me

Gang Member 2: I know [insert nickname of gang 1 member here] and by god there gonna pay for this…


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