Martahiri Games

This is A film Noir that I was set for homework to write up the script.... Enjoy!


1. Charachters

Rose DARAH: a sexy femme fetal and A traitor who supplies information to both town gangs. Her last name means ‘blood’in malaysian

jamie Days: An ex of rose’s who still cares and loves her and dosent want to see her hurt but at the same time has been hurt too badly by her to just ‘let it slide’


Stan ‘weeby’ Baxter:  THE JOKER OR FUNNY MAN but has compassion for those close to him. nicknamed ‘webby’ for his odd flap of skin conecting the two smallest toes on his right foot.

Chris ‘goldie’ karter: A strong but often quiet girl. So named because of her blonde hair and her first acomlishment of stealing a gold bar from the royal mint

 Josh ‘crowbar’ gatsby: A stone cold killer AND NO NONSENSE KINDA GUY who will do will do anything To gain the power he so dearly craves, named the ‘crowbar’ because his first crime was comiited using only a crowbar and some gaffa tape.

jayde ‘mysti’ Carter: A very powerful and forceful lady with a mouth to match. she earned her name bbecuse of her mesterious background, nobody knows what happened in her past, and she won’t talk about it, all we know is she isn’t new to gang warfare.

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