The Spikecus doll- Part 1

The Spikecus doll looks just like an ordinary doll, why did it mean so much to the Spikecus family? The doll had been missing for centuries but had been found by the Spikecus. Now, the time has come again for the Spikecus doll to bury itself deep under its own secret.


1. The Spikecus family

The Spikecus Doll- part 1

For over 1,000 years now, the Spikecus family has been following the same tradition and keeping the same old secret. Each and every Spikecus member is expected do whatever it takes to protect their treasure. The Spikecus doll.  It all started 1,000 years ago, when great grandmother Helen and Grandfather Jonathon Spikecus found the long lost Spikecus doll hidden in a deep, dark cave.

Today, the doll belongs to Annie and Paul Spikecus. They live in an ordinary 2 floor house complete with 3 bedrooms, 4 toilets, a kitchen and a living room.  Their child, Katie, Lily and David Spikecus doesn’t have any idea about the Spikecus history or the doll. Although, their parents have no intention of telling them yet.  Because, Katie is 15, Lily is 13 and David is only 11, Annie and Paul doesn’t think that they are ready to know about the Spikecus doll or their history.

One day, David needed help on his maths homework. He needed to find a ruler, so he looked around, but a ruler was nowhere to be found.  David found the door to the basement wide open. ‘Maybe i could find a ruler in there!’ David thought.  Although, David has no idea about what was in there or why his parents banned him from going into the basement.  As David took a small step, he could feel his heart beating faster and faster, a chill went down his spine and he started to take short breaths.  Soon, David found himself in a dark room full of objects and equipment. ‘It’s not too bad’ David thought to himself nervously as he tried to stay calm.  Luckily, David found an old, rusted ruler lying on the top self.  Creatively, he used chairs to climb the selves. Instead of picking up a ruler, he gently felt a hard, dusty item. David picked it up and looked at the item. It turns out to be an ordinary doll, one with curly hair, a ripped t-shirt and wore out jeans. David suddenly felt a small shock when he held the doll. He quickly placed it in its rightful place, grabbed his ruler then left the room.

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