Beneath the Surface

Safety. Protection. Ever since her childhood, water has been her shelter.

What's your sanctuary?

This is a story written for XxJessxX's competition "JessComp", where I have chosen to write about water.

EDIT: I actually won the competition, 1st place. Thank you so much for this opportunity! It has given me so much! :)


2. Remember

A little girl was standing timidly in the doorway, listening to her father scream at her mother. She was wearing a white dress, in contrast to her long dark hair.

None of the parents knew of her presence. She was hiding. Then daddy hit mommy, slapped her across the face. The girl expected him to say sorry, his eyes filled with regret. But no. Instead he kept beating her, harder and harder. The girl couldn't conceive of what was happening, but she knew her mother was being hurt. She ran to her mothers aid, but soon her father found his hand on the girls face, striking her, with much force. She screamed, and crying, she ran out the door and up the stairs, into the bathroom. 

She filled the tub with water, and climbed in, still fully dressed. She could hear the screams from her mother, and to block the images and noises, she slid all the way under. 

She was still crying, but there, no one could hear her. No one could see her, in this place. And she couldn't hear what they had to say.


This memory flashed before the woman's eyes in less than a second. She lay there, unable to breathe, thinking of her past. All the times her mother had been hit. All the times her classmates had laughed at her. Each time her boyfriends had dumped her. When something upset her, she found water to block it all out, and forget everything. It was the only thing she trusted.

Then a new thought occurred to her. She didn't need to leave. It was perfectly fine, to spend each moment under the water, a place nothing evil could find her. 


At that moment she let go. Of her life, her emotions and her faith. 

She slid further and further beneath the surface, until the light above was gone.

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