Miss you forever and always

This is a true story about how my dog died on my birthday in 2008 and how I still miss him with all my heart. My parents don't even care that I still miss him heaps. "I will never forget you Samson! R.I.P. From Caitlin"


2. My birthday

I got up to have a drink at about 6am. Dad was up sweeping water out if the garage as there was a thunder storm. I didn't think that anything bad could happen that day, so I went back to bed.

Mum came down at 6:30 as she heard my friend and I talking. She gave me my presents then told me that our day Samson had died. I couldn't believe it and I didn't quite understand so I wasn't too sad. It felt like I wasn't true and I knew I was dreaming but sadly enough I wasn't a dream. My friend was there making sure I was okay but I kinda like her fussing over me. We went outside to see Samson's dead body just laying there. He looked so happy and peaceful. We had our last pat goodbye. I saw blood coming out of his mouth which kinda freaked me out. I will never forget that day.

 Family arrived and I had the best birthday ever. I got so many presents and money that I couldn't believe it, I spent all the money straight after Christmas and everyone was surprised. My cake was a blue whale. We ate party food and I stuck balloons everywhere since one-one else would.  My friend had to go home as it was her mum's birthday too.

After everyone had left I started crying to Mum. I only cried that once to anyone as I still hadn't adjusted to the fact that Samson was dead. I pulled down every balloon and wrote 'Happy Birthday' on them apart from one that said "Samson forever ♥.'

I went outside and told our other dig Toby the bad news. They were brothers to each other and me. I couldn't belive it. I only had a photo of Samson and Toby to remember Samson by. I now keep that photo near me every night. I also had Toby too.

That night was when I sort of realised that I would never see him again. I said "Samson, why? I loved you but since your gone I will have to forget you."


Dear Samson,

I love you with all my heart. I will never ever ever forget you.

Just because when I turned 10 I said that I will forget you, doesn't mean it was true.

I never thought you could remember someone after they died or miss them.

I was wrong. I know that now. When I was little I use to say cuddling you "We will grow old and wrinkly toether.

No matter what I willl love you unless you get too old and grumpy and wrinkly.

Please don't let me get too wrinkly as it isn't a very good site."

Love Caitlin xoxo


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