Miss you forever and always

This is a true story about how my dog died on my birthday in 2008 and how I still miss him with all my heart. My parents don't even care that I still miss him heaps. "I will never forget you Samson! R.I.P. From Caitlin"


1. Before the death.

It was in December 2008 when we found out that our dog Samson was going to die.

On December the 12th I had my 10th birthday pool party with a heap of my friends. We had cupcakes, chips, drinks, pretty much all the party food. Every time someone got up they went over to talk to Samson as dad was telling them that we were putting him down. Every time I looked at Samson he looked really sad and that's when I knew that he probably wouldn't last the rest of the afternoon.

A couple hours later all of my friends left apart from one as she was staying the night at my house. Mum made us pizza then we had this massive bowl of ice-cream with topping and sprinkles each. We watched a few movies then went to sleep after our midnight feast of lollies.

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