The girl who turned half dragon

At a young age, Sorafi was transformed into a half dragon. Since then, life has never been the same...


1. Prologue

Sorafi was just nine when the emerald green crystals burst from the ground, killing her parents and covering her like scales. Her parents were walking next to her, smiling widely. She had just been on a trip to the beach, nothing super spectacular, but to Sorafi, it was special. It had taken two hours to travel here, and her parents had both cancelled a day of work to take her here. They were low on money, and neither of her parents were getting much pay. They hardly had any free time to be with their innocent, sweet little daughter, and today was an exception. Sorafi was happy. But nothing that good lasts. Suddenly, the green crystals burst out of the pavement.


Sorafi screamed as they covered her parents, encasing them in a wall of nothing but green. And then the crystals crumbled to dust, her parents with them. Crystals leapt up at Sorafi, wrapping around her pale skin. Pain engulfed her as the crystals did. It seemed like an eternity before the crystal crumbled away. But unlike her parents,she did not go with them. Instead, she found scales all over her, as well as... wings.




And that, is how Sorafi's story begins.

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