The girl who turned half dragon

At a young age, Sorafi was transformed into a half dragon. Since then, life has never been the same...


2. Hiding in the shadows

Ever since the fateful day, the day I turned into a half dragon, I have been hiding, lurking in the shadows never to see the light of day, feel the sun on my face, the one part the transformation left alone.

Today, I am coming out.

A person can't hide forever, you can't spend your life hiding away, for some day, you will have to come out. It's human nature, or half human nature in my case, the more we can't have something, the more we want it, until eventually it becomes unbearable.

Today is the day it becomes unbearable.

It is right now, that I realise how terrible my life really is. I watched both of my parents die and there was nothing I could do about it, I look like a freak, I have been hiding in shadows for three years straight, to afraid of what people may think of me, and, not to mention the fact that the only antidote that will lift my curse it a million miles away, on an island unknown to any human being. My life stinks.

But today is the day I make it better.

It takes a lot of effort and aggression, but eventually I manage to force my scaley body to the edge of my hidaway, the dreaded line between dark and light is just touching the very tips of my toes, I wear no shoes, as I have had no use for them, my feet are now covered in hard, leathery scales so the cold, concrete ground of the shadows doesn't harm them at all. Besides, I am not exactly in fit state to go to a shoe shop any time soon. So my feet will have to do. One step, just one step, the words are looming in my mind, playing over again and again, as if mimicking a stuck record. I have to do this, I tell myself, It's the only way, one step to normality. Somehow, that last sentence silences all other thoughts, helps me think straight. That last thought does a lot for me, and gives me the courage to step over the line...

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