I will

Alexia is getting married in next year. her best friend is due to get married then. This is their dream, to get married and be each others maid of honour. But will it all end so happily?


2. The dress

              I am still worked up over this dress. It is magnificent. Although I can't afford it, I really want it. And I know how I am going to get it! There is a Vera Wang Quick Sale on tomorrow, coincidently, they are selling the exact same dress. Who ever finds it first will get it for two hundred pounds! I have to get it and I will get it!

                 This is such a momentus occasion, I need to contact Summer-Ann, my all time best friend from birth! She needs to know about it. Maybe she can come to the sale as well?


"Hi Summer, I am..." I begin.

"I have some big news, I am getting married to Erica Bloomers!" Summer yells screaming down the phone.

"No way? Me too! I was just ringing you to see if you could come to the Vera Wang Quick Sale tommorow? I was planning on getting my dress there." I say my heart beating of happiness.

"I was planning on going there to get my dress! Maybe we could go together?But there is only one dress," Summer replies almost in a singy tune.

"But we aren't actually going to get the dress are we? Think about the thousands of people who want this dress! Anyway, got to go now, bye," I announce in an Albert Einstein manner.


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