I will

Alexia is getting married in next year. her best friend is due to get married then. This is their dream, to get married and be each others maid of honour. But will it all end so happily?


1. The proposal

              My name is Alexia. I was born in Streetly and raised in America. My life has never been settled. I have never had a proper boyfriend, my house is not fully owned by me, so the council keep on making me live on the street. I have no family that like to look after me. So basically, I am a loner. Except for, my boyfriend, Blake Hillington. He is the only one in my life that I can depend on, we have been going out for four years now and have never bickered or disputed each other.

              Supposedly, I am really lucky with my boyfriend, but I don't believe in a relationship before marriage, if you get what I mean? I don't think we can really connect until we married. I really hope that we get married soon, we just seem perfect for each other, although I do say so myself! Honestly, I need to admit something, I saw a ring pop out of Blake's pocket the other day when he was at work. Sneakily, I kind of had  a small peak at it, unless Blake is cheating on me, that ring was for me. He is going to propose. But I have a really good idea, I am going to buy my shoes and dress before he has proposed, because all of the sales are on at the moment. And I have seen a really nice dress I want for six thousand pound!


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