Code of the dreams

This is one of those everlasting poems, this one is definitely never ending!


1. Code of the dreams

Code of the dreams:

In dreams are fantasies:

In fantasies are desire:

In desire is a wish:

In a wish is hope:

In hope is belief:

In belief is religion:

In religion is Christianity:

In Christianity is Heaven:

In heaven is the golden gate to God:

In the golden gate to god is a path:

In paths are destiny:

In destiny is destiny;

Destiny is in paths:

Paths are in the golden gate to God:

The Golden gate to God is in heaven:

Heaven is in Christianity:

Christianity is in religion,

Religion is in belief:

Belief is in hope:

Hope is in a wish:

A wish is in desire:

Desire is in fantasies:

Fantasies are in dreams:

That is the code of the dream



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