Love written in the stars

Savannah was a popular girl boys fell for her they asked her out and she said no boys loved her. girls chased her because they thought she was so cool and they wanted advise how to get boys.She was so popular because her parents were rich and she is a back up dancer for super stars. Savannah never wanted this she just wanted to be a normal teen with best friends and a boyfriend she wanted a normal life.She wished she had a true love and best friends that didn't like her for her money. what happens when her wish came true upon a special star?


1. wish come true

As i was sat on my windowsill looking up at my special star. It was my special star because it would always be there for me. It shined so bright and it sparkled like a tiny angel. As well it makes my wishes come true. i had to get a job for my step brother James who lives in a very poor town about 3 and a half hours away from where i live he has to live there with my step mother and my baby step sister elizibeth because they cant afford much but the thing is my step brother has a really bad disorder and he was dying quickly. My mum and dad was so busy getting money for us to live i  signed up for a back up dancer job with a lot of money i wished i would get it and i got the job and then i sent my money i earned there for a 2 years. it slowed it down but it hasn't gone. i had to do it because he was my best friend when i was younger he gave me his food and helped me survive when i lived with him but we moved away because we are now so rich. Well some people would love to have my life apparently i am pretty but when i look in the mirror i don't see it. I just see i cold pale face in the mirror with rosy red cheeks and lips and bright blue eyes. My hair has grown a bit after shoulder length and i have a scene fringe. it is a chocolaty brown and it is wavy. i sometimes straighten it a lot but i sometimes have it wavy. i back comb it most of the time. But all i see is this posh girl that has changed to a cold hearted  girl. But inside i am a lovely joyful girl that is hyper most of the time. I looked up at my star and i thought its time. i said my voice was so soft

"hello my special star i haven't spoken to you in a while but i always look up to you. well i have a wish,so here it is. i wish i had real friends that wont stab me in the back and i know this is a lot to ask for but as well i would like to have my true love not a person that uses me a boy that loves me, cares about me and will always be there for me."

As i fell asleep i heard a small whisper like a soft angels voice 

"look outside Please look outside my sweet sister please."

i woke up with a shock i looked around i saw a angel. she said softly

"i am your guardian angel  i make your wishes come true. but as well i am your sister Faith. I was killed when i was walking through a short cut home. it was dark and trees surrounded the path and a person jumped out of the trees and threatened to shoot me. I got scared and i was the fastest runner in the school so i thought dodge the bullet and run so that's what i did but he caught up to me kicked me to the ground and stabbed me in the stomach and ran off. he left me there to bleed to death and our family found my dead body two days later. so now i watch over you as a star and i waited til you made a important wish like to change who you are until i introduced myself. Well your wish has come true look outside."

I looked up and saw a bunch of bright stars close together spelling a important word that meant a lot to me. LOVE. I looked up in amazement. They looked so pretty i couldn't help but stare. Faith stood there smiling her red hair floated while she was shining bright with a white dress and white big wings. Her lips was a shell pink and her eyes weren't brown they looked like liquid gold they swirled like water but only gold. she smiled and whispered to me

"Get some sleep you don't want to be mean, tired and messy for you new friends and love one do you?"

She turned into a bright light and zoomed upwards and was high in the sky and stayed there. i jumped in bed and fell into a deep sleep of sweet dreams and nightmare so realistic it was unreal. it all went so fast pictures of what i wanted to happen and what could happen zoomed through my dreams. Then there was a bright light my sun was glaring at me through the window i blinked a couple of times and jumped up got ready went down stair where my dad was waiting to take me to school we got into our stylish car and he drove me to the school. We sat in silence once we was at school people gathered round our car they was squealing and shouting 

"ohhhh my gosh it is Savannah we love you!"

i sighed dreading getting out of the car. My dad kissed my cheek and he said softly 

"have a good day sweetie"

i nodded opened the door. They screamed louder it hurt my ears. it was like they was at a red carpet event and they had just seen a celebrity. i kept a blank face on and just walked through the giant crowed. I reached a group of people had never seen before there was 4 girls and 2 boys. One of them walked up to me and said 

" hi i am Emily and these are my friends. We transferred from a different school because one of us had to move and we  all stick together so we had to move as well. well time to introduce you to my friends"

She pointed to her self. Her black long hair floated gently in the wind. she was smiling happily, her teeth shined white and her light blue eyes lit up with happiness. this made my giggle slightly because she seemed  so excited to have a new friend just like me. And then she shouted quite happily 

"well you know me i am Emily i am pretty hyper i think we will get a long very well"

She pointed to a girl with almost angelic features 

"this is hope she is shy to strangers but once you get to know her she is the most annoying person ever."

Hope started laughing but Emily stood on her foot and she shut up. And she just looked down.  This also made me laugh.Then she pointed to a girl who looked like a scene she was so cheerful.

"this is Paige she may look a bit weird but she is the most cheerful don't judge things by its cover."

I was smiling at them all. Then she pointed to the last girl in the group. she had long, blonde, gorgeous hair. she plaited her fringe back and she was smiling her eyes were as blue as the sky. 

"Well this is the last girl in the group this is Nicole you have to admit she is the prettiest right?"

she pointed to the two boys one of the boys looked so fit maybe this the boy i wished upon my star for?

"these to idiots are Aiden and Austin as you can tell they are related, they are twins but they look nothing a like but they are both hot as u can tell"

I smiled so brightly. Austin was so fit and he seemed so kind. i introduced myself 

" i am Savannah if any of my "fans" come up to you and torment you i am so sorry i am a back up dancer and my parents are rich and they use me for my fame and money i just want some real friends i am a really nice person really even though i am quite ugly and look so strict i am not on the inside." 

Austin grabbed my wrists pulled me towards him and he looked down on my and i looked into his soft brown eyes. And he said in a calm, soft voice 

"you are not ugly you are too beautiful to miss. no wonder the boys are chasing you." 

i blushed slightly. They girls sighed as if to say awwwwwww how cute. but Aiden looked angry did he like me? oh god i hope faith hasn't made this hard for me. Then my little "fans" ran up to me they looked angry as anything. and the they all shouted stuff like

"Stay away from savannah she is ours she is too cool for you newbies"

i just hooked arms with my new friends ignoreing them. i looked at my friends time tables. i had almost all classes with them but i had all the same classes as Austine. i was jumping for joy on the inside i couldnt wait to spend time with him.I think i have fell inlove with him but i think Aiden has fell inlove with me but i kind of like him aswell but i like Austin the most. I walked to my first class PE we was all together for this class we was doing something diffrent apparently i wonder what it is.




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