Love written in the stars

Savannah was a popular girl boys fell for her they asked her out and she said no boys loved her. girls chased her because they thought she was so cool and they wanted advise how to get boys.She was so popular because her parents were rich and she is a back up dancer for super stars. Savannah never wanted this she just wanted to be a normal teen with best friends and a boyfriend she wanted a normal life.She wished she had a true love and best friends that didn't like her for her money. what happens when her wish came true upon a special star?


3. The wedding

I was now 21. Austin had proposed to me and we had spent ages preparing our dream wedding. I had a look around with the girls when we arrived was a giant castle out side was big beautiful gardens with a big blue shimmering swimming pool and hot tub.There was 25 bedrooms we are staying in the castle for a week. a game room, a sweetie room, a dinning hall, a bar and toilets and so much more it was huge! Well me and the girls went into my bedroom because this is my castle my mum and dad bought it for me. Well today was the only the hen party tomorrow is the wedding i felt so nervous. I was laid on my big gold and red bed. I was thinking about what could happen in the future but there was nothing bad i knew Austin is the one for me. I ran down a large spiral stair case through a secret passage way to where my friends were in the bar.We didn't want to drink alcohol until the wedding so we were drinking stuff like J20 and coke and energy drinks. We wanted to be so hyper.We ran to the swimming pool outside and jumped in. Emily hadn't jumped in so we all grabbed her ankles and pulled her in. She came back us scowling at us but the we all burst out laughing. We splashed each other went on the slides used the pool toys went on the diving bored but when the sun went down it all went cold. The pool was freezing so we all ran inside the large castle. I went into my bedroom and the girls went in there's. I got dried off had a shower and got into my pajamas. I ran down back to the bar where the girls where. We grabbed some popcorn, sweets and drinks and a bottle of champagne and red wine and white wine. we first of all went to the game room first i won against Emily, Nicole, Hope and my new friend Joy but then my other new best friend  Rosalinda but we just call her rosy had won the game we all laughed and sat down then i asked

" do you guys want to watch a film because i have a movie room here and we have loads of films some aren't even out and others aren't even advertised yet? we get the latest and newest of everything"

They all Screamed 


This made me smile. We had a race to the movie room because it was on over side of the castle and we took our stuff with us. I made it and burst through the big silver double doors. I walked inside memories flashed through my mind from when i was five

A beautiful five year old sat with her older brother.They was sat in sleeping bags on the floor and they was watching a horror film. The little girl was terrified while her brother just sat that and laughed.Once the film had finished they put a happy film on to cheer the young girl up.The boy had noticed the girl was shaking from the view of fear. He budged up closer to her and gave her a hug she laid on his chest hiding from the movie theater. He whispered into her ear 

" Samantha its fine there's nothing to worry about it was only a film. It isn't real and if it was i would be hear to protect you.I wouldn't let anything get you your fine."

He stroked her hair while she whispered to him

"i love you"

I just looked around the movie theater. I said to the girls 

" go sit down i will sort out the drinks and the food i will also grab us some blankets so we are warm and comfy."

When i came back they had chosen the best film ever. I turned it on. sat down on one of the big, puffy,red comfy seat. I had a pink blanket wrapped around my body and a pink and silver shiny crown on my head the same as the others but they had different colors. It was a chick flick we was watching. We laughed we cried and everything girls normally do by time we had finished it was midnight we all went up to my bedroom. We screamed and shouted and jumped on my bed and had pillow fights. Well pretty much the usual girls do at sleep overs. But then the phone rang i went to answer it. They all shouted 

"nooooooo! it could be a kidnapper wanting to come and get you and they are distracting you on the phone because you are so beautiful and they want you all to there selves and so you cant get married but then you wont marry them so they will be forced to kill you and we will never so you again!" 

I just laughed and left it. I jumped on the bed and said

" then they will come back for one of you guys and kidnap you to and you will be married to them and have tiny little criminal children running round your house."

We all just laughed and had rest of our girly sleepover then i muttered tiredly 

"come on girls we want our beauty sleep don't we?

They thought about it and ran off i laughed and fell asleep in my bed.

Next morning i woke up i was so nervous. The girls helped me get ready. They did my hair and make up. I got into my beautiful white dress. It was big but not too big. its had a silk over and it had tiny diamante's with white roses at the top. i had a golden crown with white roses on it with a veil with red petals inside the veil. I looked in the mirror with my girls we looked nothing like young, teenage girls anymore we looked grown up.we looked beautiful. I could hear people shouting down stair.I looked round the red curtains out of the big window and saw people arriving. I hug'd my girls and we all said to each other 

"best friends forever right?"

We all smiled and nodded. We talked about thing before we heard the music start to play the girls checked they looked ok and went down the big steps i could hear people going aw. My dad walked through the door and asked

"are you ready Hun?"

I nodded and then i said while laughing

"Don't let me fall dad"

We walked down the stairs together.When i came in sight of the people i could see all the people i loved but i was only focusing on one person. That was Austin. People was looking at me and gaping.They smiled at me and i could see the pride and love in there eyes. When i got to Austin my dad kissed my cheek and sat down. The service went on. Once she had finished we kissed. Sparks flew once again. Once we finished the party and dinner began.

The wedding had almost finished we had a dinner. It was amazing people made amazing speeches. But now its end of the party and people are really drunk. i could see people staggering all over the place.So i went up to them and told them to get some rest and go home. Who ever wasn't drunk drove them all home but then suddenly someone grabbed me and said their voice slurred

"Well hello princess you look very beautiful tonight. Its a shame to go. I know why don't you come with me? Come on baby don't be frightened."

I could smell the alcohol on the their breath. It smelled so bad i felt like gagging. And then i said nastily

"wasn't you paying attention i just got married?"

He just shrugged. Pushed me on the floor and pinned me on the floor trying to kiss me i pushed him away each time and i screamed and shouted for help. That's when Austin came over and kicked him over helped me up and chucked him out. He them just came over and hugged me. We then had our first dance it felt amazing.  I felt graceful but with him it felt magical. 

The party was finished and we went up stairs. I entered my bed room and got changed into my Pajamas and i got into bed. Then Austin came in and got in bed with me. He kissed my forehead, cheek and then he finally kissed me. Then he whispered to me softly 

"night baby have sweet dreams. I love you and i will see you in the morning."

I smiled and whispered

"I love you too and i will see you in the morning night."

Then i turned the lights out. He wrapped his arms round me and fell asleep. I closed my eyes and entered the world of dreams.  


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