Love written in the stars

Savannah was a popular girl boys fell for her they asked her out and she said no boys loved her. girls chased her because they thought she was so cool and they wanted advise how to get boys.She was so popular because her parents were rich and she is a back up dancer for super stars. Savannah never wanted this she just wanted to be a normal teen with best friends and a boyfriend she wanted a normal life.She wished she had a true love and best friends that didn't like her for her money. what happens when her wish came true upon a special star?


2. The lovers

Savannah had a great week she had her new friends. She enjoyed hanging out with them for once she was actually happy. Austin was so sweet. He helped me with my work and to get away from my fans he was being so sweet i love him so much i hope he likes me back. As well i have noticed Aiden is quite close to me to i wonder why? Well today i am going to ask Austin out i hope he says yes. I got a lift to school with Emily and the girls they was saying how he was going to say yes and we would have our happy ending and we will never split apart. He would be my prince charming and i would be his princess  but i was also scared what if it doesn't work out? What if we go out and one of us dumps the other and we hate each other for the rest of our life's? Well i guess that's a risk i am going to have to take isn't it. Then Nicole said to me kindly 

" as well later we are having a party and a sleep over would you like to come?"

before i could think about it i blurted out


This would be my very first sleepover ever i cant wait.When we got to school it was our normal lessons. I sat down next to Austin in English. I got a note from him it said 

Hi babe you look very special today. is there something important going on today?

So i wrote back saying

Yes i am asking the guy i love will he go out with me 

He frowned a bit. He looked heart broken i wonder why? He looked down at the sheet and wrote

oh ok good. But if he breaks your heart i will break his face i will hunt him down and tear him to pieces. so be careful babes. Who is he any way?

I looked down and and panicked.What should i do? I have a idea i put 

Well he is in this class you see should i tell him now?

He then scribbled


The bell rang it was break time. I looked outside it was raining. Oh well at least there will there would be privacy. I dragged Austin out side and screamed above the loud pouring rain 

"Austin your the one i love! Will you go out with me please? i am willing to risk our friendship for a relationship between us. I really love you!"

He stood there staring into my eyes smiling like a idiot. He pushed my hair out of my face n held it there keeping it in place and he said softly to me

"Samantha Catherine Jennifer Ivy, I love you too i want to be with you forever i will never let you go! I was going to ask you today but you said you liked someone and it broke my heart and now i can go out with you i am the happiest person  alive. I mean look at you  your eyes are gorgeous, your lips are as red as blood and your cheeks are rosy red you hair is so soft and lovely and you have the best personality you are a lovely, kind person and i will go out with you." 

I looked so calm on the outside you would never have guessed on the inside i was screaming like a loony.I was happier than a child at Christmas. And then he leaned in and kissed me! 

I felt like fire works were going off everywhere. It felt so special like magic. Almost as if a angel had been watching over us and sprinkled magic all over us while we was kissing and this time i knew it wasn't Faith or her friends. We pulled apart and we looked into each others eyes his were shinning like tiny stars but they was as blue as the sky. We hugged and i just knew this relationship was going to last.

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