Love written in the stars

Savannah was a popular girl boys fell for her they asked her out and she said no boys loved her. girls chased her because they thought she was so cool and they wanted advise how to get boys.She was so popular because her parents were rich and she is a back up dancer for super stars. Savannah never wanted this she just wanted to be a normal teen with best friends and a boyfriend she wanted a normal life.She wished she had a true love and best friends that didn't like her for her money. what happens when her wish came true upon a special star?


4. the future

A lot had happened since we got married. We had moved into my castle. It was so big at first especially for Austin because he wasn't used to having so much money and living in such a big house.He was just used to living a normal life. Austin also got a job at my place. He was one of the people that helped me get booked in places to sing and dance. A bit like a second manger really. Faith has stayed by me when i moved she moved. We went on our honey moon to a very rich and hot island. No one really notices it but there's a lot there it was amazing there was giant hotels, swimming pools, beaches, activity the sea everything. We Also have had our first baby girl. Actually we had two. They are adorable twins they are called Ivy Dawn May and Pearl Felicity May. They are adorable they have long gold wavy hair that shine brightly in the sun. They have perfect big blue beautiful eyes that sometimes glow bright with happiness. They have pale,smooth skin and rosy red lips and cheeks. They have small petite hands that they point to stuff with, pull you hair. They also suck there thumbs and it makes them look even more adorable. Well at this very moment i was sat with Ivy making her laugh. I was making her make her think she was flying. They i noticed she was yawning so i held her in my arms rocking her gently till she fell asleep. I took her upstairs and put her in her crib she looked so sweet and innocent in her sleep. I was sat in the rocking chair but i must of fell asleep but when i woke up i was in mine in Austins bed room? i looked round the room for clues how i got here and then i saw Austin laid on a big red fluffy chair in our bed room. I started to whisper loud enough to wake him up 

"Austin, baby wake up. We need to see to the girls. Come on baby wake up"

I must have scared him because he woke up with a sudden jolt. We took the girls to the kitchen to feed once we had finished the phone rang i shouted

"ill get it"

I put Pearl in her little chair so she can watch tv and answered it i said

"hello who is this?"

  After a while i came off the phone in tears. Austin saw and ran up to me and was comforting me saying

"baby whats up whats happened?"

i said depressingly 

"my brother he's dead"

"i am now leaving for the funeral"

I packed my stuff in a bag gave them all a kiss goodbye and left.


I came back 2 days later. I was welcomed back with kisses and hugs i wasn't so upset because i knew he would be up in the sky with Faith. I looked up to the midnight sky and saw a star next to Faith. I thought that's my brother. I looked up and smiled they was both shining so brightly.


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