Second Sight

Alyx has always seen things that arent there, that cant be real. For the first 15 years of her life, she put it down to an overactive imagination or even a hidden mental condition until she meets Deano, a shifter, with the ability to move between the real world and the one Alyx sees..


3. Unsettling Arrival

That was about ten years ago now, and everything completely changed.

My "unstable mind" put me to the top of the homing list and within months i was with a caring family, I stayed there until I  could move out and live alone. During this time, i managed to convince the world that all my issues before were a blip, never to happen again, they believed me and slowly i started to feel comfortable with my new family and schools. I didn't stop seeing the people, i still see them, but they're still a mystery to me.

It was the life i always dreamed of, it was perfect. Then i met Deano..

The first time I lay eyes on him, he was one of them, the blank eyed people of my imagination, except he looked more real, more solid and alive. The others of his kind cant move if i'm watching, but he strolled freely through the space, before blending back into the shadows, the familiar glow of my second sight separating him from the rest of the bumbling community. I passed it off as a rare sight and that i would probably never see it again.

Boy was i wrong.

Monday morning, i arrived at school with Jada, a girl from my apartment block in the year above. Like usual I walked over to my yellow locker to grab my books and timetable, except waiting for me was the beautiful boy - only difference was that this time he was solid, no glow at all - waiting for me.

"Ciao bello, nice to see you again" The words slid out of his mouth so seductively and familiar, i had to take a second to replay the sentence. I had no memory of meeting him, but a name slipped into my thoughts..



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