Second Sight

Alyx has always seen things that arent there, that cant be real. For the first 15 years of her life, she put it down to an overactive imagination or even a hidden mental condition until she meets Deano, a shifter, with the ability to move between the real world and the one Alyx sees..


4. Shifters

I had no reply for him, i didn't remember him at all and from the expression on his face he didn't expect me too.

"ahh, the memory block is still holding up then, good, come with me" He said, before grabbing my hand and pulling me through the crowded corridor and out onto the parking lot.

Anyone else would be screaming for help, its not normal to be dragged away from school by a complete stranger. I kept telling myself "hes not a complete stranger, we know eachother somehow". He stopped next to a black BMW and motioned for me to get inside and to my surprise i did. why am i getting into a complete strangers car? why do i trust him?. Thoughts ran through my mind, until his voice cut through the silence.

"Let  me guess, you're sat there wondering why on earth I seem familiar and why for the first time you trust someone, right?.. I understand. Alyx, This may make no sense, but me and you, we are the same. We see the same things, we are the same age, our fathers are the same species, our mothers are humans. But there is one drastic difference. My mother lived long enough after giving birth to find out the truth about my father, and hand me over to him, before dying. Yours on the other hand, died during child birth, resulting in you becoming a ward of the state before one of our kind could bring you home. We are both half human, half Shifter"


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