Second Sight

Alyx has always seen things that arent there, that cant be real. For the first 15 years of her life, she put it down to an overactive imagination or even a hidden mental condition until she meets Deano, a shifter, with the ability to move between the real world and the one Alyx sees..


5. Demands

Up until now, i guess i've felt like a puzzle missing a piece, a significant piece and while this new piece of information sinks in i start to feel more whole; i'm finally complete. I always expected my mother to have been so drugged up skank and my father to be a dead beat, who left before i was even born, but now i have a small understanding of who they were, i want to know more. I need to know more.

As if he was reading my mind, Deano gave me a reassuring look, and continued to drive through the endless rows of housing. We sit in an eerie silence, accompanied with what sounds like my mind ticking over, condensing what Deano told me into understandable chunks and filing it away along with my endless questions.

Im not human? I look human, I feel human, how can i not be human? My life couldn't possibly feel anymore out of this world.t

"Stop with the silence, explain everything, why did i end up in care, knowing nothing about any part of my life at all? It's so fucking unfair and dropping this all on me with no explaination, not helping. Who are you? why did i see you like i see the others? and why do i see the others? if me and you are so "similar" tell me everything!"

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