Second Sight

Alyx has always seen things that arent there, that cant be real. For the first 15 years of her life, she put it down to an overactive imagination or even a hidden mental condition until she meets Deano, a shifter, with the ability to move between the real world and the one Alyx sees..


2. Cover Up

After that, I worked out that to get on in life, i was going have to pretend i didnt see anything.

This worked for a while..

One day, I sat in the corner of an empty white room, playing with a battered barbie, the best you get in care, when echoing footsteps filled the room, replacing the air with an icy cold haunting feeling. I turned around and it felt like time got so scared it stopped. In the center of the room, two people stood. with blank expressions and eyes that stared so intensely i could feel them on my body.

"hello?" i whispered, voice shaking. 

No reply, i guess thats when i got mad. I started shouting, screaming, hoping it would make them leave, but all it did was bring spectators. My housemates poured in, some looking bemused, others concerned. The younger childrens eyes filled with fear. My screams just got louder, until i was too unstable to stand. I fell to the ground sobbing into my lap, everything went dark and i woke up in an unfamiliar bed.

My outburst had given the care workers no option but to have me sectioned. They put my second sight down to an over-active imagination, or hallucinations brought on by the stress and trauma of my life.

I knew the truth, they were real all along.


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