Second Sight

Alyx has always seen things that arent there, that cant be real. For the first 15 years of her life, she put it down to an overactive imagination or even a hidden mental condition until she meets Deano, a shifter, with the ability to move between the real world and the one Alyx sees..


1. Secrets

For any child, moving from foster home to foster home, with no family or friends would be a difficult thing.

I wasn't just any child. 

No record of birth, parents, hometown, memory or birth date, I was confusion for the system. I remember nothing up until the day i was found wondering the streets outside a childrens home in North-London, only knowing my name. 

From then on, i traveled through the British childcare system without luck. I was always overlooked and never homed. My care workers put it down to my ability to bring up the fact that i see things and people that no one else can. They told me to be more normal, i didn't realise i wasn't a normal child.

No one wants a weird child. 

No one wants Alyx Luna. 

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