It's not the best did it in five minutes for a competition about being in love with a celebrity. Fame changes people and no matter how handsome/pretty you are you can't hide an ugly personality.


1. Chapter one


Fame changes people.  I can’t put it any more simply. People warned me it wouldn’t be easy but I encouraged him to live his dream. They told me I would have to be patient and I tried, I really did try because I loved him and love is much more than a four letter word.  

 When I met him he was sweet, sweeter than sweet. His friends told me that before he met me he’d flirt with everyone even if he had a girlfriend. He used to take me out to the best restaurants in town and buy me everything I could ever want. A girl likes being spoilt once in a while but after some time it does get boring. We don’t spend any time together anymore as soon as I walk out the door he walks out always missing each other by seconds. I can’t help wonder whether he does it deliberately sometimes. But Its hard because of the work he does. I only really stayed with him for the good times when he’d wrap him arms round my waist and his breathe would rise up my neck and he’d whisper he loved me. I was fooled that everything would be okay. But let’s face it reality is reality.

 I sometimes wonder whether it’s actually me he loves. The stuff in the papers might be rumours but the pictures well you can’t deny that. I still love him and I hope he loves me but he’s the celebrity not me he could get any girl he ever dreamed of. I don’t know what I love about him. He’s lucky on the outside with his piercing blue eyes and chocolate brown hair but you can’t Photoshop an ugly personality no matter how famous someone becomes.

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