Cross My Heart

This is my entry for the love story competition! Also my first attempt at writing a romance:)


3. Promises

   I woke up the next day and was still confused. It had to be a dream. How could someone like Jack, as perfect as can be, love me? However, I could distinctively remember the scent of vanilla.

   It was real. Jack had said he loved me and even called me beautiful, perfect even! Now I was curious into finding out more. How long had he felt this way about me? Surely not as long as I'd loved him? He hadn't even talked to me. Although, I hadn't talked to him so maybe he had loved me for the same amount of time.

   I was desperate to see Jack again. After we had hugged again, he walked me home and told me he'd see me in school. I hated the moment when I had to leave go of his hand. 

   I was still furious at how Hannah had treated him. Jack loved her and all she did was go off with other boys and lie to him. I would never do that to Jack. I didn't even understand why she did. Jack did nothing wrong and why would she even get bored of him when he was perfect?

   It was a relief to know I could talk to him without getting embarrassed now. To know that he loved me.

   I stayed cuddled up under my duvet, relishing in the memory of yesterday. I had truly been the happiest I had been in a while. I could hear the rain pouring down outside, nothing like the sunlight of yesterday. I was happy to be warm in my bed instead of outside. My mobile phone vibrated and I saw that Laura was calling me.

   "Hello?", I answered.

   "Oh my god are you okay?! Jack text me to tell me what happened!", Laura shrieked frantically.

   "I'm fine. I was just being clumsy old me. Luckily, Jack pulled me out of the way".

   "Oh Lucy, you're hopeless sometimes! Well at least you're okay. You and Jack are like, an item now aren't you?".

   "No!", I laughed. "He only saved me from getting hit by a car. No biggie".

   "Well be more careful next time! I have to go now, glad you're okay. Bye!", said Laura, hanging up.

   I placed my phone back on my desk and stretched. I wasn't tired anymore after my phone call with Laura. I heard a knock on the door and walked happily down the stairs to answer it as my mum and dad were at work in the shop they owned.

   I opened the door and on my door step, dripping wet, was Jack. My mouth fell open and my eyes widened.

  "I couldn't wait to see you", he panted. His blonde hair was dark with rain and raindrops glistened on his eyelashes. "I need to ask you something. Please answer truthfully and don't promise anything if you don't mean it. Do you love me?".

   "I promise I promise I promise!", I cried, launching into his arms, not caring that he was soaking wet and that I was still in my pyjamas. We held tight onto each other, so tightly it felt as if we were one. We stopped embracing and Jack took something from his pocket.

   "Remember this? It was the picture I drew in Art all that time ago", he said, holding it up. I gasped. It was an amazing portait Every feature was exact, every line defined. "I loved you back then Lucy. I still do. I promise you".

   He quickly put it back and took my face in both of his hands. Jack's nose was against mine and our lips were a whisper apart.

   "Never leave me", I breathed onto his lips. Then we were kissing, his soft lips caressing mine with such gentleness but with such passion. I kissed him back, happiness rushing through me. Jack was mine and I was his.

   "I promise. A promise that I will never break", Jack said through our kisses. "Cross my heart".



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