Cross My Heart

This is my entry for the love story competition! Also my first attempt at writing a romance:)


1. In Love

   He smiled at me, that cheeky lopsided grin I loved. This time that smile was for me. I looked into his sea green eyes, losing myself in the waves of colour and sunlight. I gazed upwards to see his short, tousled blonde hair and I had the urge to reach out and touch it-

   "Lucy!", a shriek echoed in my ear. I turned to see my History teacher's face inches from mine.

   "You are not paying attention! Again!", he yelled, his face bright red with anger. I swear I saw a vein throbbing in his head.

   "I'm sorry. It won't happen again", I sighed. Yes, I had daydreamed of Jack Thompson once again. For the past year, he had taken over my mind. Of course, I had never spoken to him, I was too shy for that. I was never even sure he knew I existed, until two months ago when he smiled at me in the corridor. I had managed to smile back but I could feel my face burning with embarrassment. In fact, that was the only contact we had ever made.

   The buzzer went off to signal the end of the day and I quickly shoved my books into my bag, desperate to get home.

   "Hey, why are you in such a hurry?", my friend Laura asked as we exited the class room.

   "Well it's Friday and I just want to go home after a long week at school. This week has seemed to take at least a year to pass!", I replied.

   As we walked down the corridor, a little year seven boy was pushed flat on the floor by one of the girls in our year; year ten. She had always been trouble and a downright bully to everyone. The little boy's lower lip quivered and a single tear slipped down his cheek as he slowly clambered up.  

   "Hey!", a shout came from behind us. Jack ran up the corridor and leaned down to reach the boy's height.

   "Are you okay?", he asked him softly. The boy nodded but more tears were coming down his face. Jack straightened up and turned to the girl who has pushed him over.

   "Picking on people younger than you just shows how pathetic you are", Jack said with a hard glare.

   "Ooh, I'm sorry Jack, it was an accident I promise!", the girl said tossing her hair back and acting all innocent. Me and Laura raised our eyebrows at each other. However, she had been known to flirt before and was always with a different boy everytime I saw her. Maybe Jack was her next victim. She winked at him and walked off, swaying her hips in what she thought was a seductive way. Jack looked over and rolled his eyes. I smiled shyly but he grinned back with his perfect smile.

   "Idiot. Doesn't she know when you make a promise, it's meant to be kept and truthful?", Jack muttered. A look of sadness suddenly washed over his face and he carried on walking down the corridor, his head down.

   "That was nice of Jack", Laura commented on our walk home from school. "Wonder what he was so sad about though".

   When I was back in my house in the warmth of my bedroom, I too pondered what Jack was upset about. I had never seen him like that. He was always so happy and laughing, one of the things I loved about him among countless others. I was also ecstatic over how Jack had smiled at me again. My body filled with warmth just thinking about it. Although after smiling, he turned unhappy almost straight after. I tried not to worry about it but I cared too much about him.

   I often wondered what it would be like to hold his hand or to be in his arms. I knew I loved him otherwise he wouldn't be constantly in my thoughts for a year. Did he ever think of me? I didn't think so. I'm sure a dozen of other girls fancied Jack too. He was very good looking but I saw more than that, I saw his kindness, his humour and intelligence.

   I didn't know if he'd had a girlfriend before, I had never seen him with one before. Laura had once told him back in year eight she fancied him but he said he didn't feel the same way and apologised. I was shocked at this; Laura was one of the prettiest girls in our year in my opinion! 

   I still remember when I had fallen in love with Jack. I was in Art when I saw him gazing out the window in deep thought. It was the first time I realised how handsome he was with the sunlight reflecting off his eyes that looked like the sea. I was about to look away when the picture he was drawing caught my attention. It looked like a portrait of a girl. However, I couldn't see it properly and I craned my neck to see but he grabbed it and placed it in his bag. Jack went to the back of the classroom and started joking about with his friends, laughing and smiling. It was also the first time I had properly taken notice of his cheeky grin.

   Later that day, I saw him playing football with the year sevens, who seemed to adore him. A particularly mean boy, Adam, from the year above us managed to get hold of the ball and booted it far away into the field next to our school where no one could get unless they could climb over a towering fence twice the size of them.

   The next day, Jack had bought three new footballs with his own money and gave them to each of the boys he played football with. They thanked him for the rest of the day and you could see they admired him. He simply shrugged and said it was nothing.

   The rest of the year I had seen how kind he was. I was utterly in love with Jack Thompson.

   But I had no chance when so many girls were probably in love with him too.



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