Glory of Sparta

This collection of poetry is about Sparta.


2. Glory of Sparta

Dressed with shiny glittering armor with razor sharp blades and spears.

United as one we hack down all the inferior beings beneath us.

May there be glory for Sparta!

None shall dare be compared to the almighty Spartans!

He who dares shall be obliterated.


Clang! The clash of the titans.

The battle of Zeus and Kronos.

That's what they would compare

The battle of Athens and Sparta.

The battle to decide the king of the kings.


Hack! The sounds of the enemy armor pierced.

The screams of agony, the screams of fear.

Echo around the chaotic battlefield, overlapping the havoc.

The sounds of joy, the sounds of satisfactions.

As we begin to hear them we begin to celebrate.


Oh! Almighty majestic Sparta.

The eighth wonder, Sparta.

Mythical atmosphere of Spartans.

Mysterious events, mythical world.

Sparta is the key.


May Sparta guide you throughout light.

May Sparta give you the right answers.

To the life you dream.

Sparta will take you there.

Glory of Sparta.

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