memories are special, they never change


1. memories

memories are moments you remember throughout your life, you forget some and some you remember. sometimes you want to remember them and sometimes you wish you could forget them completely. some memories bring back happiness and joy and some bring back sadness and pain. some memories we are able to remember and some we just forget. we meet people in our everyday life, people we already know, people we knew, people we just meet and some are just compete strangers. All those people make us up as a person we are now in the present. each person plays a part in your every day life, we have a story to tell for each and every one of them whether their happy or sad stories. some of these people you met in the the weirdest possible way and some just a normal, simple way. the moments with them become memories but when time passes those memories aren't so clear and slowly start to fade away. life is full of changes and so are people. But those memories will never change. pictures take us back to that moment, we can replay that moment over and over again. they'll bring back that same emotion had at that very moment and make you smile or even teary. feeling that warmth in our hearts and our eyes going glassy... 

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