The Heart Bleeders

In the small town of Endo, mysterious deaths and disappearances begin to happen around the same time new residents moves into an old abandoned mansion near the woods. A special kind of visitors looking for a mate and human food until the sunrise. Tatsuro Kitagawa, a young boy living in Endo begins to experience the strange happenings all around especially after one night gone wrong that changes his life forever…mostly human life.


3. The Third Encounter


(Old Mansion/Woods/ 7:55pm)

Inside the mansion, a music box could heard all inside with Ginjiro seen going down a long hallway and opening a door that lead to staircase. The soft yet bell shine melody played more giving off a strange atmosphere, a twirling ballerina to the music, and suddenly stopped with a small voice humming the tune. “The night awaits, my lady master” Ginjiro said with a smirk looking handsome in a butler clothing, pouring out red wine into a glass. “Heehee…” The giggled of the small voice could be heard as two hands push back a coffin top, where girl smiled with pink lips. “Welcome to our new home” Ginjiro smiled with one eye glowing deep yellow in the darkness. ****

In bed starring up at ceiling in thought as new day had started was Hiromasa, with a quick sigh he got up from bed to get out his school uniform much to his dismay then heard  a gentle knock at his door.. “Good morning” Mrs. Yamaguchi said kindly holding up a cup of juice with warm fresh biscuits. “Morning, thanks mom…” Hiromasa said in his calm voice and aloof look. “Don’t be late now, you hear me?” Mr. Yamaguchi said in a mean glare and walked passed that pissed off Hiromasa a lot with his mom looking down a bit.

“I’ll see you later” Hiromasa said putting on his shoes at the front door and looked at his mom seriously concern. “Okay sweetie, do have a good day and hurry home, still my baby no matter what” Mrs. Yamaguchi happily said that mad Hiromasa blush with a small smile. As his stepdad once again appeared, Hiromasa instantly left his home glaring back at him. On his way to school Hiromasa thought of his real dad and as a happy going kid once before things hit rock bottom. “Hmmm…morning” Hiromasa said as he walked inside his classroom and at the same noticed classmate Tatsuro not in today. He then continued his school life like always, daydreaming much in the back of class, avoiding a lot of everyone, and eating lunch up on the school’s roof secretly.

Once school was over Hiromasa never got to do any much afterwards but return home where he was sure that his step dad would be waiting with a bad attitude and impatience.  “Welcome back sweetie, how was school?” Mrs. Yamaguchi asked smiling as she sneakily slid a mail letter into his shirt pocket. “It was fine, just homework to do, be in my room” Hiromasa replied with a straight honest face as Mr. Yamaguchi listened from the next room. “Dinner women, you get that work started” Mr. Yamaguchi said a cold manner with a roll of eyes just a bit. “Oh right, thanks Hun” Mrs. Yamaguchi smiled a little and went into the kitchen.

“Mmm nice night today I see…thanks mom” Hiromasa said in thought pulling out the mail letter she hid from her husband, a letter sent from around a distant city. (Dear son, I miss you so much, I hope things have been good for you and your mom, remember my offer still stands if you ever decide to come visit, please write back soon, love you from dad). “Dad…I definitely do plan to leave one day...hopefully for good…” Hiromasa said going to his window to open for some air. The sound of bushes rustling and cracked wood could be heard as a small figure in the shadows raced face through the trees with a soft humming melody.

The sound of Hiromasa opening his window caught the shadow figure off guard to stop and pause watching him as turned to sit back at his desk. “…Hiromasa, time for dinner!”  Mr. Yamaguchi shouted from outside the door. “Yeah...I get it...jeez” Hiromasa sighed leaving his room unknowly to him someone or something was outside his window and stayed to wait for his return. After a very disturbing quiet dinner, Hiromasa was laying on his bed watching time and listening out carefully. Then the last night was turn off in the house and Mr. Yamaguchi was in bed. “…Finally, that man take forever” Hiromasa said annoyed picking up big backpack and carefully jumped out his window to the shadow figure’s surprise and followed him.

Hiromasa soon arrived at an abandon library hidden deep in the woods, going inside that was huge with dusty old and ancient books then a long hallways  in a private room that resemble a church like appearance with three rows of seats and one head seat up front where he sat. “First  ...sadness” Hiromasa said as he begin to play a violin that gave off a beautiful but painful melody. The shadow figure had entered in the library smiling with charming pale pink lips walking around slowly. As it got closer to the door to the private room the stranger suddenly held its heart hearing Hiromasa’s music. “Second...loneliness” Hiromasa said looking down as he played a heartbreaking sound on the violin. “…why?” A girl asked standing with a gorgeous appearance a doll in dark Lolita clothing and with pale white skin.

Hiromasa shocked turned around to see the girl there and gazed at her for a moment that made the girl shyly look away a bit. “You’re not from around here…are you?” Hiromasa asked with his aloof yet fine face. “…Chiyo Minamoto, I live in the big mansion now, pleased to make your acquaintance” Chiyo replied politely and smiled with a lovely curtsey. “…yeah sure, wait how you get here?” Hiromasa asked very curious and suspicious. “Your music…why such pain though…is there a pain that can’t be heal inside you…hard to imagine with a body of warmness of a heart beating passionately in the music” Chiyo said spinning around slowly like a ballerina and stop to smile captivating. Hiromasa looked her stunned and let out a small smile shaking his head abit, playing more, and Chiyo happily sat close listening with eyes closed in peace.

At his home Hiromasa yawned from his bed and looked to the window seeing the once dark sky beginning to turn blue soon. “Mmmm…was it a dream…what’s that?” Hiromasa’s eyes caught glimpse of a black rose with a red ribbon that he remember receiving from Chiyo who left for her home. “Morning mom…what’s wrong?” Hiromasa asked worried standing at the kitchen door. “There have been four killings last night, two men, young man, and old man, I’m just so glad you were safe in bed here” Mrs. Yamaguchi said much relived happily hugging her son loving but Hiromasa was very shocked standing frozen to hear that.

In the old mansion, down a hidden staircase into a cellar, there in the back half open Chiyo could been seen curled up sweetly inside her coffin. “Sleep tight master… Miss Chiyo” Ginjiro smiled tucking her in and closed the coffin, but just before he left he turned on the music box playing her favorite melody that inside Chiyo gave put a smile. Hiromasa was outside in the morning light when the passing of bus lead his eyes to fool him into seeing himself from across the street, who smiled with dark red eyes smiling with fangs of blood waving that shocked Hiromasa deeply into rubbing his eyes with it gone. “What just happen there…?” Hiromasa asked confused as small laughter could be heard in the wind. ♥

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