The Heart Bleeders

In the small town of Endo, mysterious deaths and disappearances begin to happen around the same time new residents moves into an old abandoned mansion near the woods. A special kind of visitors looking for a mate and human food until the sunrise. Tatsuro Kitagawa, a young boy living in Endo begins to experience the strange happenings all around especially after one night gone wrong that changes his life forever…mostly human life.


6. The Sixth Attack


(Endo Town/ Asato’s House/ 7:02 am)

Inside all around the house phone could heard ringing a lot with everything very quiet with no lights on but then a cellphone began to ring nearby a bedside with a weakly pale hand reaching for it. “Finally…Asato what happen last night? I assume you made it home but with your car still here at the clinic” Dr. Kitagawa said worried. Asato struggled to answer back and smiled abit in tears as her hand shook holding the phone. “…I’m very…sorry…I’ll be…out…sick today…sorry” Asato said with pain in voice and suddenly dropped the phone holding her head in agony with neck throbbing that she passes out in her bed.

“Hello? Asato are you still there?” Dr. Kitagawa asked and hung up feeling very more worried then continued looking back at blood sample from Hiromasa’s wounded neck through a microscope. “…very strange….this blood doesn’t even match up…not to Hiromasa…or a human species...then it was animal attack? I wonder…” Dr. Kitagawa said much stressed leaning back in his seat deep in thought in his office. “But it still makes no sense…those blood cells try to turn the other cells…some even died…what does it mean?” ****

During the sunny hot morning in the woods the river seem really enchanting by the light of sun sparking on it and its clear blue appearance, even the woods seemed harmless in the morning time. “Hmmm his smell stopped here…where is he?” Ginjiro said with a smirk looking around by the river, wearing white tank top with knee length shorts. A noise from the water instantly made him turned around feeling bewildered moving close to take a look and to his surprise something was slowly coming to the surface. Tatsuro had appeared from the water looking very enticing and hot shirtless in cargo shorts with a small view of his boxers or swim trunks as he happily held up a bucket of fish he caught.

“Oh Ginjiro…what’s up?” Tatsuro said smiling as he sat relaxing on a blanket by sleeping Presto curled up in a ball. “Just came to see ya man, notice you not home and caught your smell to find you here” Ginjiro replied with a grin. “So….did you meet sister yet master Sayomi?” Ginjiro asked with a small chuckled as Tatsuro looked at him with a glare of a smile. “You know if you bring another unexpected visitor tell them to use the door like a normal person…well as normal as possible and let me know ahead of time” Tatsuro said sighing and shook head smiling annoyed. “Sure thing man but like we can control the actions of women let alone understand their feelings very well” Ginjiro said cheerfully.

Tatsuro’s cellphone had begun to ring inside his bag of things and hen grabbed it to answer it to see the caller ID was his dad. “Hey dad, what can I do for you?” Tatsuro asked very curious. “Its Asato, I really need you hurry over and tell me her status, I think she may be more sick then she let me on to believe” Dr. Kitagawa said serious from his office phone. “What? Asato is sick?! I’m going now!” Tatsuro quickly hung up upset and packed up his stuff then picked up Presto into his arms. “Some one needs a lift?” Ginjiro smiled stood near his cool dark blue rental car and Tatsuro hurried inside as Ginjiro drove off to the instructions to Asato’s home.

“Thanks a lot, I hope she’s alright” Tatsuro said walking to the door only to see it wasn’t even locked and Ginjiro seeing drops of blood making a trail. “Asato?!” Tatsuro ran inside in panic going right up to bedroom only to stand deeply shock at what he saw. Asato was burning up with a fever sweating and almost grasping for air. “…Tat…Tatsuro…?” Asato called out with blur vision with strained eyes from so many tears. “I’m here….Asato…what’s that right here…what?!” Tatsuro said as he saw the problem by her badly wounded neck. “An animal attack…?” Tatsuro asked as he grabbed shirt to tear and wrap around her neck to slow the bleeding.

“No…this vampire…I can smell it all in her blood and flesh…” Ginjiro told with a serious face as Tatsuro picked Asato up in his arms. “We have to hurry time has passed too much already, obviously this happen at night” Ginjiro said heading back to his car to open. Tatsuro still in shock placed Asato down in the back seat and watched Ginjiro take them to the clinic in his great speed. Busting through the doors in an emergency the staff quickly took Asato and hurried into a room to aid her before time became too late. Tatsuro was standing in shock as in slow motion he watched Asato rushed to be treated with a sudden brush of the past as a small child watching his beloved mother in the same fate of an emergency. Tatsuro suddenly fell on his knees clutching his chest feeling it become heavier than usual as two hearts beated in pain.

“Tatsuro?! You alright son?!”  Dr. Kitagawa shouted helping him up with help of Ginjiro. “Hey man don’t you end up in one of those rooms right now…Tatsuro?” Ginjiro said worried. “Sorry…I’m fine…jus felt a slight pain that’s all” Tatsuro said with a weak and fake smiling as he felt like fainting and could feel mixed emotions colliding within him. A staff member ran to Dr. Kitagawa who let out a deeply sadden looking following him to the room with Asato. Tatsuro also followed and witnessed like his dad that Asato fell into a coma.

After a few hours of sitting in the waiting room, Ginjiro stood up stretching and looked at Tatsuro with his face hidden much by his eyes. “I have to get going right now, sure you’ll be alright? Let me know if something happens” Ginjiro said touching Tatsuro shoulder friendly with a supportive smile. “Thanks…I will…you did enough today” Tatsuro replied with short smile and Ginjiro left the clinic.

 Tatsuro was in a massive deep thought with an already suspect to the attack on Asato that made him so angry his eyes became blood red with slit pupils. “How you doing on, I’m sorry if this is too much for a young boy, you can wait home if you want?” Dr. Kitagawa said very concern. “No I’m gonna stay here…Asato is family to us…grew up like a sister to me…I need to be here right now dad” Tatsuro told his farther with eyes already back to its pretty alluring gray eyes. “I like your attitude son, this very brave, always proofed that since a child…well I’ll be in out my office if you need me” Dr. Kitagawa said and went with a staff member to discuss other patients unwell too. Tatsuro entered Asato room and held her hand as she was in a slumber and remained there even falling asleep a bit.

The night soon felled upon Endo Town and from a window a mysterious stranger could be heard then seen coming in from the clinic window of Asato’s room. The stranger walked closer to stop frozen as a switch of a light caught him off guard. “…Hello Eichiro…glad to see you well…knew it had to been you…some friend…more like demon in my friend’s flesh” Tatsuro said angry and sarcastic with his eyes red again. “….Glad to see you too” Eichiro said with a grin with blood already on his mouth and clothes. ♥

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