The Heart Bleeders

In the small town of Endo, mysterious deaths and disappearances begin to happen around the same time new residents moves into an old abandoned mansion near the woods. A special kind of visitors looking for a mate and human food until the sunrise. Tatsuro Kitagawa, a young boy living in Endo begins to experience the strange happenings all around especially after one night gone wrong that changes his life forever…mostly human life.


9. The Ninth Destructive Countdown


(Endo Town/ Clinic/7:25a.m)

In a private ladies nurse locker room a very renewed and healthy Asato was back on her feet happily changing out her patient’s clothes into her nurse uniform, ready for work once before and again. “Good morning” Asato smiled waving to all the staff members, who greeted her on her well return and recent kid patients leaving her gifts with balloons. “Aww how lovely…hmm what’s this?” Asato said opening a white box with a red ribbon that busted out with confetti and chibi drawing of Tatsuro wishing her a great day that mad Dr. Kitagawa chuckle abit near a door way drinking coffee. “Oh, Good morning sir, let’s do our best today” Asato happily said with a warm wave at him. “Of course, glad to have my top nurse back” Dr. Kitagawa said kindly and went into his office.

Inside he closed the blinds and stood in a mirror examining his neck that he had discovered earlier two strange red marks. “An insect bite? No…It would at least be itchy with swelling…its just really red and hurts a lot…wait could I have been a victim in an animal attack? Impossible was here in my office all night…hmmm” Dr. Kitagawa said very confused and layed back in his chair in deep thought for answers. He then began to take his own blood sample from his neck he slit just abit near the bite marks to inspect that only made his eyes wide even more confused and now suspicious. “How can that be? …this blood…won’t match to any person…or animal…except...” Dr. Kitagawa eyes looked down the hall to a patient door. ****

At the Yamaguchi house Chiyo escaping from Mr. Yamaguchi’s clutches ran quickly to hide in a room she found very dark, trembling a lot in a small corner not noticing she was in the bedroom with Mrs. Yamaguchi waking up from her nap. “Please don’t…help me” Chiyo cried out softly catching Mrs. Yamaguchi by surprise about to open the blinds. “Your so cold…what are you doing here sweetie? I won’t hurt you” Mrs. Yamaguchi said very curious but smiled kindly that Chiyo ran into her arms scared crying. “Please…help me…” Chiyo pleaded. “Where is that demon witch?!” Mr. Yamaguchi shouted busting into the room with a butcher knife scaring Mrs. Yamaguchi. “What are you doing?! What’s wrong with you?! I won’t let you harm a child you sick monster!” Mrs. Yamaguchi shouted loud for once at her husband as he finally crossed a line.

“The only monster here is that demon in child flesh, out my way stupid woman!”  Mr. Yamaguchi back in rage pushing her into a wall hard, falling out cold on the ground that made a hidden Chiyo cry more in shock with a memory of her mother. “Eeeeeekkkkk!!!” Chiyo screamed loud trying to grip the floor with her nails as Mr. Yamaguchi pulled her from under the bed with a twisted corrupted smile.

Chiyo had another instant memory of same happening with her once abusive father killing her mom and she was next until a stranger killed him just as he stabbed in the stomach as a human child but the stranger with red eyes bent down biting her neck just before dying. “Grrrrhhhh!!!” Chiyo angrily with blackish red eyes tried to attack Mr. Yamaguchi, putting up a fight until having her back slammed into a wall with the sound of her fragile bones. “You got some nerve! To late witch! Go back to your home below!!” Mr. Yamaguchi yelled stabbing Chiyo endless like a crazed sick man as Chiyo cried out in pain, starting to loose the strength to scream or move.

She suddenly had her eyes wide in surprise as Mr. Yamaguchi’s head was beated to a bloody mess, falling down onto the floor along with Chiyo weakly sliding down the wall onto the floor. “….it’s a good thing I hated him from day one…” Hiromasa said standing with the now bloody shovel in his hand. “Hiromasa…I cause you pain again…sorry…” Chiyo said sadly. “No…this is relief…I saved you and my mom from an unnecessary fate of a man who in the end was a demon himself” Hiromasa told placing both Chiyo and his mom on to the bed and help to their wounds quickly. “Will she be alright? She had protected me, betraying her husband” Chiyo asked deeply concern. “Yes, I’m very glad to say…that’s what mom’s are protect and love…never judge or try to run away” Hiromasa said calm and looked at Mr. Yamaguchi. “Now about him…know it was self defense to save two lives...where would you put a real monster?” Hiromasa asked in thought.

At the clinic Dr. Kitagawa feeling sick by the mysterious bite marks on his neck constantly took medication for his headaches, dizziness, and low strength. Asato noticed his strange behavior all morning like he just realized something that should’ve not but did make sense. “Are you alright sir? Asato asked with a gentle knock on his office door. “Yes…sorry for the worry…just work you know…I’m fine…but one thing though what’s the patient name again in room seven? Dr. Kitagawa asked very curious. “Oh right, a Miss Setsuko, here for thee same symptoms as our last patient you said…Eichiro?” Asato said looking at her clipboard of papers but felt a shiver down her spine when she said Eichiro, lost some of her memory of who was her attacker. “Thanks enjoy your break” Dr. Kitagawa said taking the paper and went to grab a few things from an operation room. “Okay…hmmm” Asato watched him abit worried and walked off to lunch.

“Miss Setsuko may I come in?” Dr. Kitagawa asked kindly at the door. “Yes doctor, please do” Setsuko replied lying in the bed in a dark room, a pretty blonde with big curls and pinkish orange lips matching her jewelry. “Tell me something…how are you feeling today?” Dr. Kitagawa asked walking in and standing by a window. “Heehee just a bit thirsty but tired for now, maybe I will have a bigger appetite later on” Setsuko giggled and smiled.

“I see…but you know…sure is dark in here all the time…how about some light?” Dr. Kitagawa said that struck a nerve to Setsuko. “I’m fine doctor really, can’t sleep with the light like any body” Setsuko said with a nervous smile abit. “Yeah…but your not anybody…or human” Dr. Kitagawa let out a smirk opening the blinds and Setsuko screamed being burnt by the sun. “How are you feeling now?” Dr. Kitagawa said stunned watching her revealing a hammer behind his back. “Grrrrhhhh!!!” Setsuko broke loose as vampire angrily jumping onto Dr. Kitagawa trying to attack him with her sharp fangs. “Vampire?! Did you bite me last night…no have you been hurting my patients?!” Dr. Kitagawa shouted trying to pull her away from his neck and quickly swung his hammer on her head making her fall backwards. “I guess my finale theory was right…those eyes…and teeth” Dr. Kitagawa whispered in thought completely shocked starring down hard at unconscious Setsuko.

“Sir you should eat something not good take so many pills on an empty stomach, I had extra left over…” Asato said happily walking in the room but froze in terror seeing Setsuko on the ground in blood and Dr. Kitagawa holding the bloody hammer weapon. “I can explain…well maybe not much you’ll believe” Dr. Kitagawa said looking down abit. “…how could you…?” Asato said standing over Setsuko deeply shaken. Setsuko suddenly awoken with a mouth of fangs at Asato who screamed hitting back onto an operation tray Dr. Kitagawa was using.

“…the monster...she is one of them…!” Asato said panicing in fear grabbing an axe and instantly sliced off Setsuko’s head to Dr. Kitagawa surprise as the blood splatter onto his white uniform. The sound of a cellphone then ranged with Dr. Kitagawa picking up from his pocket to answer. “Hey dad is everything okay, heard you been unwell today” Tatsuro said on the phone. “I’m …I’ll be fine soon” He replied exchanging shock looks with Asato who starred at her hands of blood.

Near the Endo’s town grave yard Hiromasa was digging a large hole with a long black bag to the side, soon dumped in down into the dark pit, covering the hole up with the same shovel. “Jeez…he is heavy…hmmm?” Hiromasa said with a sigh wiping his forehead only to hear something. To his surprise he saw Dr. Kitagawa and Asato on the other side of the area, just leaving and in a hurry both with disturbed expressions. ♥

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