The Heart Bleeders

In the small town of Endo, mysterious deaths and disappearances begin to happen around the same time new residents moves into an old abandoned mansion near the woods. A special kind of visitors looking for a mate and human food until the sunrise. Tatsuro Kitagawa, a young boy living in Endo begins to experience the strange happenings all around especially after one night gone wrong that changes his life forever…mostly human life.


5. The Fifth Bite


(Endo Town/ Kitagawa House/ 9:05pm)

There on the floor unable to move was Tatsuro as he watched the mysterious girl moved down to his neck, opening her mouth to reveal sharp fangs. Presto suddenly jumped at her, scratching her face and biting on her hair, giving Tatsuro the chance to get up grabbing his bat. “Why are you here?” Tatsuro asked very suspicious ready to strike at her. “..How mean…Ginjiro said you were a very nice guy…” Sayomi replied pouting abit as her wounds by Presto’s claws quickly began to heal. “…Ginjiro…of course…you’re a Minamoto member from that mansion…still doesn’t explain you in my home” Tatsuro said relieved a little lowering the bat down against his legs.

“Mmmm your blood…it’s yummy if you know what I mean…Tatsuro” Sayomi said leaning and pressing upon Tatsuro on his bedroom door. “I want you to be mine…heehee I won’t bite…well yet” Sayomi said passionate with her eyes black with red pupils. “Umm…Why don’t we be friends first?” Tatsuro smiled calmly scratching his head abit. “Okay, friends then” Sayomi smiled with her red apple lips and kissed Tatsuro deeply and left out his window. “..Jeez now I have to vampires in my life…” Tatsuro sighed unzipping his pants and taking off his shirt. Outside in the dark watching was Sayomi happily who licked her lips and grabbed the first human to pass, drinking his blood down till he passed out dead. “…Mmm Tatsuro heehee” ****

Inside the old mansion Hiromasa was sitting in a room waiting at a small table filled with many delicious treats and the room filled with old and new toys of all kinds but mostly dolls. “I’m so happy you have spared some time to see me” Chiyo said with a gentle smile walking inside the room and sat across from him. “…just one harmless visit that’s all…no need to thank me” Hiromasa said with a sigh a bit. “Oh I know…but still you came…for me” Chiyo smiled. “I take it you wanted me to play for you once again…right?” Hiromasa asked pulling out his violin. “Yes please do!” Chiyo happily said moving her chair close to watch him and outside the door was Ginjiro listening in with a smile and soon left.

In moments Hiromasa was playing the violin with the deep strong melody coming from his beating heart, Chiyo was at peace listening with her eyes closed dreaming of a field of flowers to run into with the sun up above. “…so lovely…Mmmm…” Chiyo said smiling with her eyes opening all black seeing blood pumping and hearing it within Hiromasa as he played more. Hiromasa couldn’t help but feel a sudden shiver down his spine as right upon his neck was Chiyo and her fangs. “Ahhh...what the?!” Hiromasa said off guard turning around fast holding his neck only to see blood on his hand and Chiyo with suddenly red lips…that was dripping onto the floor.

“What the hell are you? Stay away from me!” Hiromasa yelled as a threat and in fear holding his neck and went to the door to leave quickly. “Please don’t go…wait!”  Chiyo shouted with tears snapping out her blood mood and grabbed Hiromasa’s wrists fast to his surprise was very cold. “I’m sorry…” Chiyo said letting go and shaking abit sadly. “Whatever…just stay away…a monster in sheep clothing…next time you might get burned” Hiromasa said very angrily and cold leaving the mansion during the dark night. Chiyo was stunned in tears and frozen standing as she felt a sharp pain inside her for the first time ever. “..Hiromasa…he...hates me now…” Chiyo said softly low as she licked her lips clean and sat alone in her room.

Outside in the night a furious yet now weak Hiromasa was trying to hurry home with his wounded neck but stopped to rip his shirt to wrapped around his neck and ran fast to get to his house. “Come on…just some more...please...not yet…just a little more…” Hiromasa pleaded strongly but starting getting too tired to even move or even see. “Oh honey there you are, it’s late, what took you?” Mrs. Yamaguchi asked worried. “Where were you boy?! Who said you could just run off late like that?” Mr. Yamaguchi said in his usual mean attitude.

“..Mom..?” Hiromasa instantly collapsed slowly onto the door step that shocked both his parents. “Hiromasa…?! Oh my god, please dear wake up!” Mrs. Yamaguchi cried out loud holding her unconscious son only to but into more tears seeing blood on him. “I’ll call Dr. Kitagawa to get here…” Mr. Yamaguchi said almost annoyed that had ticked off his wife in fear of loosing her son. Soon Hiromasa was put into his bed and bandaged up with pain medicine nearby thanks to Dr. Kitagawa who sensed something off and strange by the case. “This blood sample…” Dr. Kitagawa said in deep thought and snapped out of it as Mrs. Yamaguchi starred in concern. “Don’t worry I got to him fast enough, he made it, please relax and look after him, any more problems or questions feel free to call any time” Dr. Kitagawa smiled. “Thank you so much” Mrs. Yamaguchi said very happy and Mr. Yamaguchi nodded holding the door open as the doctor left.

Dr. Kitagawa walked to his car and pulled out his cellphone with Nurse Asato’s phone number dialing for an answer. “Hello? “ Asato answered kindly as she got out of the shower relaxed. “Hey it’s Kitagawa, sorry for the late call but I just left from the Yamguchi’s house, seemed their son must have been attack by an animal…or something” Dr. Kitagawa said unsure himself. “What? Is he alright? This the fifth animal attacks so far…” Asato said very worried. “I know and Hiromasa is the first to make it…but I have a blood sample from his wound, I really appreciated if you can go the clinic to check on the overnight patients, low on staff right now by outside problems” Dr. Kitagawa said seriously. “Of course, I’ll be there soon” Asato said with no hesitation and got dressed quickly. Soon she was in her car driving off and heading to the clinic back in her nice white nurse uniform.

On a road appearing in the dark was Ginjiro happily walking his four big very scary and vicious dogs and stopped near the woods, with a grin he let them loose, and went to get some juice from a machine. “Good night…of mischief I see…” Ginjiro said with a smirk and sat waiting only to see his dogs make a ghostly return, each one of them dripping of fresh blood, and even one still chewing on a human flesh arm. “Wow…that wasn’t too nice…hope they cleaned up their mess” A sexy woman said standing up ahead in a short dress, stopping to the thighs and showing off the cleavage. “The night is still young…care for a bite sister?” Ginjiro grinned and laughed excited with his eyes glowing yellow. “You know it Hun heehee” Yuzuki replied removing her dark shades to reveal her blackish red eyes as her curly pale blonde hair blew in the breeze and she smiled with her fangs with lips already red as blood.

At the clinic Asato sweetly checked on the patients who most of them was either watching abit of TV or sound asleep. She happily set aside some pain medicine for each patient and let in some fresh air from the window, and then to her youngest patients she read them to bed. “Are you awake in there?” Asato smiled knocking and slowly opened the door to find last patient Eichiro asleep already. “Aww goodnight sweetie” Asato said smiling as she moved the covers up on him and went to the door but stopped feeling strange. She slowly turned her head to see Eichiro gone from bed and turned back around with him in front of her like a shark with open jaws of hungry fangs. “EEEKKKK NOOOO STOP!!!” Asato yelled on the floor crawling backwards and Eichiro just smiled starring in her eyes. “…you will be silent and still…Nurse Asato…give me your blood” Eichiro said in an order.

 Asato in a deep trance felt her hand grab a small blade from Eichiro who watched smiling as she slit her neck slowly as tears fell down from her frozen obedient eyes. Eichiro feed on her blood a lot and Asato layed on the ground growing pale as Eichiro bent down to her ear. “…go home now… you’re going to have a rough night heh...oh and thanks for the meal” Eichiro said in a wicked grin. Asato instantly got up and could be seen walking pass her car and walking away like a traumatized zombie in tears. ♥

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