The Heart Bleeders

In the small town of Endo, mysterious deaths and disappearances begin to happen around the same time new residents moves into an old abandoned mansion near the woods. A special kind of visitors looking for a mate and human food until the sunrise. Tatsuro Kitagawa, a young boy living in Endo begins to experience the strange happenings all around especially after one night gone wrong that changes his life forever…mostly human life.


10. Tenth Lunar Magic


(Endo Town/ Woods/ Secret Shed/ 7:59pm)

The sunset had gone down, brining night fall upon the town, some residents happily home, others still busy at work, and then some being kidnapped by Eichiro through the night. There Eichiro was having bloody meals on off guard victims and taking some meals to his friends in hiding. In the deep dark woods sat a mysterious shed that would give any living soul a chill. “Hi there, are you lost?” Eichiro asked with a smile standing behind a boy reading a map. “Oh scared me, but yes just abit” The said with a kind smile. “Hmm I know this place trust me, better hurry, I may seem scary but just being out alone in dark is scarier” Eichiro said with a wicked smile holding the map.

“Wow, thanks and your very much right about that” The boy happily said relieved. Eichiro looked like a another form of Cain but more evil leading a innocent boy to false place but into the woods, like Cain did to his once brother Abel. They stopped at the shed that made the boy very uncomfortable and suddenly pushed inside as Eichiro locked him inside and grinned waving. “Like you meet my friends first if you don’t mind heh” Eichiro said playfully. Cain had introduce his brother to death and the young boy faced the same tricked fate at his eyes wide in terror seeing red blood eyes starring at him in the darkness. Eichiro stood watching from outside, pulling out a fruit, a red apple, biting it hard and licking his lips. ****

At the mansion Chiyo was safely back at home by Hiromasa, in her room sitting at a table with a tray of desserts and tea. “Where is your family?” Hiromasa asked noticing the dark and cold atmosphere in the house. “Possibly out in the night with own personal desires, like me too with you…” Chiyo replied sweetly. “Uh huh…well If you want you can now come to my house…you said your healed but the pain is more deep…don’t have to be alone here...well I’m off then” Hiromasa said in a calm voice standing up heading to the door. “Hiromasa…um thank you…are we friends now…maybe?” Chiyo asked shyly with a small blush. “You can say that…later” Hiromasa said leaving on his way as Chiyo watched smiling peaceful. Chiyo then went into her bedroom and sat reading a book with her stuff animals happily, yet really pale and weak.

The night seemed almost different in a way, as Hiromasa walked long to his home, the moon couldn’t yet to be seen in the sky, just dark clouds with a few shiny stars above. “Ahhh that hits the spot heh” Ginjiro said with a sexy smirk drinking a soda from a machine. He then felt a strange cold wind that made he look up at the sky suspicious abit. “…maybe I should get home…can’t be the time of night… can it be?” Ginjiro whispered in thought crushing his can of soda and began walking off in a hurry.

Hiromasa saw Ginjiro leaving as he was approaching the soda machine to sit on the bench for a minute. “I wonder if he is home…” Hiromasa wondered thinking of someone and got up to continue home. At the Kitagawa house a sexy Tatsuro walking around in an open shirt and small shorts that showed off his very masculine chest with a surprising appealing plump butt. “Hmmm…is that you?” Tatsuro said drying off his wavy long hair and opened the door. There on the door step was his black cat Presto meowing and Tatsuro smiled cheerfully. “So where have you been, hope you was on good behavior silly cat” Tatsuro said smiling as he bent down to  Presto, who licked him going inside the house for milk. Tatsuro laughed getting up and looked up at the night sky where the clouds moved and the moon appeared in a rare blue light that made Tatsuro pause fascinated.  Ginjiro close to home caught a view of the moon that he stopped starring at it hard with his heart beating faster than usual.

Hiromasa appeared only blush abit shock to notice a half dressed alluring Tatsuro walking out his house in a strange manner looking at the moon the whole time unknowly walking into the woods. “Hey…Tatsuro?!” Hiromasa shouted worried and ran to follow him. There lying in the river in the woods was Tatsuro peacefully relaxing, Hiromasa walked into the water to stand over Tatsuro, looking at him in bewilderment. “Uh…Tatsuro…what’s going on? Why are you here…are you feeling okay?” Hiromasa asked for answers only to let out an amazed shock look. Tatsuro slowly smiling opened his eyes that were a deep beautiful blue with slit pupils, He stood up in the water lifting up water up like a playful waterfall letting it run down his body as Hiromasa watched under a spell captivated, shaking his head out of it.

“I’ll take you back home, you don’t seem well or yourself right now, bad for you to be alone out here” Hiromasa said very concern and confused a lot himself. Tatsuro then smiled with an enticing smirk pouncing on Hiromasa playfully onto the water, making him almost drown down in the water. “What was that all about? Hey! Trying to kill me or something?!” Hiromasa yelled shocked catching his breath dripping wet back on the land in the woods. Tatsuro was beside him still gazing at the moon like he was bewitched, that Hiromasa constantly shook Tatsuro trying to get him to snap out of it before his state became a threat.

“Tatsuro stop playing! Come on man, this not funny! Please…” Hiromasa said angry then sadly as Tatsuro pulse felt weak. Hiromasa thinking hard and gave out a small sigh, bending down to unexpectedly kiss Tatsuro, that easily broke him from his trance. Tatsuro completely stunned especially Hiromasa touching his lips embarrassed ran off quickly. Sayomi in the trees caught the whole situation devastated and very mad gripping a tree branch hard, crushing it like a bone as one tear drop turned into a blood tear. “I’ll kill him….Hiromasa….”

A loud howling could be heard in the woods as Ginjiro was on the ground in pain as body was changing a lot, flesh coming off, fangs growing, size increased and all his clothes ripped off. His ghostly vicious dogs appeared and Ginjiro stood as a big beast howling at the moon up above. In moments Ginjiro and his dogs caught a smell, running through the woods in great speed finding a shed. “What’s that sound?” A man asked with red eyes wiping his mouth. “Master Eichiro?” A boy said looking out abit from the door only yell in horror as four big monstrous dogs ran inside, turning the whole shed into a blood bath of vampires, who fought or try to escaped but was doomed, being torn to bits. Eichiro smiling as he return with new human bait for food inside a bag but stopped feeling suspicious, ran to the she door to stand angrily shocked. “What?! Who did this?! My people…!” Eichiro shouted with bloodthirsty eyes of rage, turning to see a werewolf and four dogs having him cornered. His eyes actually shown fear as Ginjiro with no hesitation completely slaughter and ripped Eichiro apart, his remains eaten by the dogs.

Hiromasa walking home still embarrassed noticed a police car appear and stopped in front of him, the policeman getting out of his car. “Yeah…is something wrong? I can definitely say I did nothing wrong” Hiromasa said serious and calm. The police officer looked quite pale and smiled only to attack Hiromasa, biting him hard, loosing a lot of blood. A cellphone rung and Tatsuro feeling better at home answered it. “Dad? What’s up?” Tatsuro said curious with a smile. “…I’m so sorry…this the last thing I wanted you go through again…” Dr. Kitagawa said angrily stressed in pain. Tatsuro dropped the phone slowly and instantly ran outside where Asato pulled up in her car, driving Tatsuro to the clinic in a hurry. Tatsuro froze in tears as he walked inside and saw his dad cover a body up with a white sheet as the staff looked down very upset, Mrs. Yamaguchi breaking down in Asato’s arms. Dr. Kitagawa took an empty tube that was named after Tatsuro, his extra blood sample he donated for a patient after Asato’s incident, throwing it in the trash just as upset.

Tatsuro was overwhelmed in pain and sorrow for the rest of the night, very restless the whole time too lying on the couch at home alone by his request not answering his phone by his dad along with Asato really worried. “What…? Who is that?!” His head lifted up annoyed and confused looking at the time as knocking on his front door could be heard. Tatsuro approached the door yet stopped to look down at Presto who was meowing and tapping its paws at the door to open quickly. “What’s got you all excited? Hmmm…” Tatsuro said and looked down sadly opening the door to feel his heart skip a beat in shock. There standing alive was Hiromasa with odd eyes of slit pupils, holding Tatsuro’s chin, kissing him again, and smiled passionate. ♥ To be continued….

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