The Heart Bleeders

In the small town of Endo, mysterious deaths and disappearances begin to happen around the same time new residents moves into an old abandoned mansion near the woods. A special kind of visitors looking for a mate and human food until the sunrise. Tatsuro Kitagawa, a young boy living in Endo begins to experience the strange happenings all around especially after one night gone wrong that changes his life forever…mostly human life.


7. Seventh Night Fright


(Endo Town/ Clinic/ 10:50pm)

In a patient room with Asato deep in slumber of an coma, Tatsuro and Eichiro were standing with angry glares for a moment, building massive tension from one another as cold air blew from the window that Eichiro had used to creep in to feed upon Asato once again. “I don’t know which bothers me more…you attacking Asato…or the fact that you actually came back to try again” Tatsuro said with a fist bawled up. “Aww… what’s that long face for? I just had a snack…don’t want me to starve do you? We are pals right?” Eichiro asked with an evil carefree attitude licking his lips clean. “What?!” Tatsuro said very appalled looking at what and who used to be his old friend. “Can you hear yourself right now…Have your mind become so twisted and mouth so sick for blood…human blood?!” Tatsuro yelled seriously that struck a nerve to Eichiro.

“You don’t know anything Tatsuro…and I don’t need to or have to take on this…I’m hungry…and the night is still young” Eichiro said annoyed turning around to walk back to the window. “Don’t you dare…walk away from me Eichiro…you stay and face me…you owe me that!” Tatsuro shouted and demanded.  “Fine...remember this was your call…heh” Eichiro said with a small laugh as he eyes grew darker red and fangs increased abit in size. Tatsuro furiously ran towards Eichiro as he did, both clashing into the window and falling out onto the ground.

Eichiro broke his mechanical arm and quickly escaped as someone or something could be heard from the bushes. “No…let him...get away…ouch...hmm?” Tatsuro said weakly tired as his once broken rib and side had healed fast and look up to see a hand. A woman with long pale blonde curly hair with ruby red lips appeared helping Tatsuro up as police and staff members from the clinic arrived on the spot. ****

The night in town seemed longed with a lot of chilly winds with a quiet and hollow atmosphere as the people was asleep or safe at home as some feared of the rumors of animal attacks along with strange disappearances. Eichiro could be seen knocking on doors and windows through the night, then leaving with a bloody smile. “The taste of what is yet to come…my lovely nightmare” Eichiro said happily walking into the town’s graveyard where loud noises was heard but underground. Eichiro with a shovel dug up the area and removed a coffin top, smiling. “Hello there friend, I hope you have an appetite tonight heh” Eichiro said and the white pale boy smiled with dead red eyes and a few other strangers stood in the darkness.

At the clinic Asato was moved to another safe and guarded room as police investigated the report of an intruder and Dr. Kitagawa worried sick waited as Tatsuro was laid in a patient bed resting. “He will be just fine, cheer up Hun” Yuzuki said sitting on a chair in a tight sexy revealing orange outfit. “Yeah…still he’s my son…I’m shocked that someone tried to hurt a family friend to me and my son… who bravely face the malignant punk, I’m sorry ma'am I should thank you for helping my son” Dr. Kitagawa said sighing and let out a calm smile. “Yuzuki Minamoto from the mansion up the hill, and no problem, I love to see men all worked up heehee” Yuzuki said in her charming soft voice. “Uh…I see well nice to meet you Miss Minamoto” Dr. Kitagawa said with a gentle smile rubbing his head of his wavy brown hair.

The sudden alarm with red lights with staff members moving fast in panic had Dr. Kitagawa jump to his feet to follow and learn of Asato’s coma state had become worse during the first three hours of the night. “What just happen?! What went wrong?!” Dr. Kitagawa shouted as he checked Asato’s heartbeat and temperature. “I’m sorry sir from what I can see she is loosing activity within her brain… and lack of blood is not helping” A staff member said seriously and sadly. There standing back on his feet Tatsuro entered the room and moved up his sleeve holding up his arm at his dad. “Tatsuro…?” Dr. Kitagawa watched him in shock but amazement. “I offer my blood to save Asato…to save another life from a wrong fate” Tatsuro said very strong minded. Dr. Kitagawa accepted the offer with no hesitation and exchanged smiles with his son.

Tatsuro was relaxed sitting on chair nearby Asato in bed as blood transfusion instantly begun and four at least two hours Dr. Kitagawa watched in shock as Tatsuro’s blood went into Asato’s system to replace her lost blood. “How are you feeling? We can stop if you feel strange or anything” Dr. Kitagawa said concern with a smile abit. “I’m alright dad, relax” Tatsuro said cheerfully. “Relax? My son is now the one loosing blood and I’m supposed to relax? Especially that much!” Dr. Kitagawa said conflicted of emotions. “I have a big heart…trust me…like two drums beating twice as much blood” Tatsuro smiled sweetly and soon was done. In a minute Asato heartbeat went to normal with active brain activity once again that she slowly opened her eyes with a warm smile that Tatsuro let out a big smile of excitement.

Meanwhile in the night of town outside Eichiro was seen carrying along two big black bags into a secret shed in the woods. Inside he closed the door and released the bags that held two young women, one shaking petrified and other unconscious. “Nothing to fear pretty lady…you’re the guest of honor…like you to meet my new friends, forgive them if they seem…undead” Eichiro grinned malicious. The woman screamed loud as a head turned slowly with a smile and began feeding brutally upon her friend then a little girl grabbed her by the hair, pulling her into the darkness where nothing but screams and disturbing noises could be heard.

“A nice night don’t cha think?” Sayomi said happily walking down a pathway hand to hand with Chiyo. “Yes very much heehee, love night strolls” Chiyo replied looking creepy cute in her usual gothic Lolita doll clothing with her small size carrying a matching doll. “I know, able to stretch these legs from inside that coffin all day, I wanna see Tatsuro” Sayomi said smiling and blushed abit looking sexy and beautiful in her gothic punk style with always pink cotton candy lips. Ginjiro smiled walking behind them like a protective older brother and suddenly stopped sniffing around a bit. “Hmm maybe it was nothing...Guhhh…!” Ginjiro moaned deep in pain as Eichiro appeared stabbing his back with a silver dagger, collapsing onto the ground. As the girls slowly turned around in shock two boy vampires jumped down attacking them. Sayomi angrily with black eyes breaks one boy vampire’s leg badly and twisted the other’s neck hard until it crack to pull off throwing at Eichiro, then made an escape with hurt Chiyo. “…good girl…” Ginjiro whispered with s mile and went out cold.

“I’m slipping…! Wahhh!” Chiyo cried out and yelled. While running in speed Chiyo accidently tripped and as Sayomi turned to notice her hand free with Chiyo behind, a light appeared with a truck driving right towards her. “I’ll call to let you know of Asato’s release time tomorrow…son you did great today…you saved a life…I must be rubbing on you heh” Dr. Kitagawa said smiling on his phone in his office. “ wish, thanks dad, night” Tatsuro replied cheerfully with a small yawn and hung up the phone ready for bed now back home but still haunted at the thought of Eichiro loose somewhere. A knock on the door sent shivers down his spine and Presto on alert hissing as Tatsuro grabbed his baseball bat going to the door. “…Sayomi…!” Tatsuro yelled shocked and distraught dropping his bat as Sayomi was on the ground in blood deeply wounded. “Tatsuro…found you…hee...” Sayomi weakly smiled and passed out. ♥

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