The Heart Bleeders

In the small town of Endo, mysterious deaths and disappearances begin to happen around the same time new residents moves into an old abandoned mansion near the woods. A special kind of visitors looking for a mate and human food until the sunrise. Tatsuro Kitagawa, a young boy living in Endo begins to experience the strange happenings all around especially after one night gone wrong that changes his life forever…mostly human life.


2. Second Heart Beat


(Endo Town/Woods/Old Mansion/5:00a.m)

The same mysterious guy driving a moving van from around midnight had stopped and had parked in the back of the mansion near the woods. “Home sweet home” Ginjiro said with a smirk as he got out of van revealing his very sexy masculine appearance and really tall height wearing his cool black shades. “Hmm who was the boy?” Ginjiro smiled in thought as he remembers hitting Tatsuro and in two minutes got up running away once again. “..Oh well I’m sure we’ll meet very soon, so with that said...Welcome home family” Ginjiro said grinning as he slowly lifted up the trunk of the van with the sight of furniture, suitcases, and three coffins.****

In a rush to get ready for school Tatsuro hurried out the house with a breakfast bar and left fresh milk with food for Presto who watched him leave in the window. As he had opened the door he found many female cats near his home but in hiding. Tatsuro walking with his head down stopped and looked around. “Should I even go to school today? I won’t stand to see two empty desks in class…then chest feel strangely heavy still…Tatsuro in thought was pacing around then turned around to head to the town’s clinic.

Meanwhile around time all school girls and young women were squealing like crazy as new boy Ginjiro was walking around in different outfit looking like a hot bad boy in biker clothes with a spiked collar. “Hmmm..? Oh, hey there ladies… nice morning huh?” Ginjiro happily waved that made them melt inside. “Now then…were you staying?” Ginjiro whispered closing his eyes only to open them quickly by the touch of a sudden breeze. “An interesting smell…got cha” Ginjiro smiled and walked on his way, with a short memory of smelling a small blood spill from Tatsuro’s accident.

At the clinic arriving was Tatsuro who kind of hesitated to go inside, standing outside the door only to turn around but caught off guard.  “Why hello young Kitagawa, so good to see you” said Nurse Asato sweetly. “…yeah you too” Tatsuro said with smile abit. Nurse Asato happily showed Tatsuro to a seat and went to fetch his dad that he wasn’t to thrilled to see after so much time here than home. As he waited Tatsuro let out a big yawn and drinked some bottle of water while waving to the staff who was surprised to see him just as well to them by him. “Hey son, what’s going on? This is an unexpected but nice visit” Dr. Kitagawa said with a smile.

Unknown to Tatsuro at the clinic, standing outside the Kitagawa residence was Ginjiro smiling, and walked closer to the house. “Huh? Oh…” Ginjiro paused to catch a smell and view of Presto in the window, glaring hard and snarling at Ginjiro who laughed abit. “I see that’s how it is...I’m going, don’t get your tail in a knot” Ginjiro grinned as felt excitement inside and amused with his hands up like caught by a policeman. He then playful pointed his finger that suddenly got a small sting as barrier seem to be around the house and Presto growled in a scary way with the hidden female cats appearing angry. “Ouch...that hurt… alright I’m going, heh” Ginjiro chuckled and left leaving a letter in the mailbox.

In a patient room Tatsuro was sitting at his dad finished during a check up that Tatsuro had requested that still bewildered him, getting the results from assistant Asato. “Is it bad to tell my son he very healthy and well?” Dr. Kitagawa smiled in a chair with one leg across the other looking at Tatsuro with curiosity. “No…but are you really sure?” Tatsuro asked patting his chest softly with a hint that Dr. Kitagawa caught pulling out his stethoscope. Dr. Kitagawa actually let out a surprise look for a moment.

“Could you breathe in and out again one more time?” He asked and Tatsuro nodded doing so. Again Dr. Kitagawa heard the sound of two different beats and sat back in his chair. “Like I said your fine, just go home to relax abit” He said kindly that made Tatsuro jumped down to take off upset. “Fine...later” Tatsuro said and Dr. Kitagawa watched him leave. “..Two beats, not even the same or in pattern…I really am working hard” He said in thought. “Here you go sir” Nurse Asato smiled giving him a cold beverage. “Wow, thanks, good timing as usual” Dr. Kitagawa smiled back.

Right around Sunset time, Tatsuro could be seen with her backpack and carrying grocery bags from the market on the way home. At his home he stopped actually feeling a presence and quickly held his nose abit. “What is that? Gah…smell like a wet dog or something, hmm?” Tatsuro noticed the letter sticking out the mailbox. “Let’s see what my dad has to say now…” annoyed Tatsuro said going inside his house as Presto jump up in his arms. In the kitchen he opened the letter with a knife slowly and read in surprise a lot, in moments he had left out the house and was soon standing in front of the old mansion with the letter.

“Welcome, glad you came!” Ginjiro shouted with a grin as the big mansion door had opened with appearing in a light. “Hey… you hit me last night!” Tatsuro yelled with smile abit in shock. “Well nice to meet you too, sorry though, come in my friend” Ginjiro replied with a smirk and Tatsuro with a suspicious smile followed behind. “Ginjiro Minamoto, happy to meet my hit and run victim heh” He said smiling as he poured out drinks. “Oh thanks, Tatsuro Kitagawa” Tatsuro said drinking a red liquid he happily liked.

“Your more interesting than I thought…Kitagawa do you know you cheated death twice last night? I heard of an attack in the woods than of course you ran in front of my van too” Ginjiro smiled drinking white wine. “What? I think you…have it wrong” Tatsuro said almost confident but unsure himself knowing he had no memory how he got back home last night then to hear his friend Ryoma dead. “Need more proof? You just have drunk every bit of blood from a fish, tasty huh?” Ginjiro chuckled and smiled. With a sudden brief of silence Ginjiro happily waited to see a stunned Tatsuro freak out madly.

The window had suddenly blown open by a strong wind with leaves blowing inside abit and slowly turning his head, Tatsuro looked at Ginjiro who was surprised. Tatsuro’s pupils expand to the size of his whole eyes, lips red from his drink, and had let out an alluring grin with a view of fangs. “Well…this day just got even better, my friend this is our secret” Ginjiro smiled excited again with his eyes glowing yellow and both shook hands happily. ♥

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