The Heart Bleeders

In the small town of Endo, mysterious deaths and disappearances begin to happen around the same time new residents moves into an old abandoned mansion near the woods. A special kind of visitors looking for a mate and human food until the sunrise. Tatsuro Kitagawa, a young boy living in Endo begins to experience the strange happenings all around especially after one night gone wrong that changes his life forever…mostly human life.


4. Fourth Blood Lust


(Endo Town/Graveyard/ 11:37am)

The morning had been one long rainy day with the blue sky being half filled with dark clouds and a gloomy atmosphere…yet for the perfect occasion. There standing in all black, with flowers, and along with tears was pretty much the whole town as picture sat upon a coffin. Tatsuro could be seen inside standing over the coffin looking at the Ryoma in a forever deep slumber. “…With this I gladly send you to a place for the better…my friend…goodbye” Tatsuro said in very loving and kind sprinkling dirt upon the coffin and Ryoma’s family very pleased in tears placed flowers down around Ryoma. Tatsuro watched them and looked down as he was alone on one of those deeply sadden days to come pass.

After kind hugs and nice memory chats among everyone, Tatsuro left but for a moment stopped to get air, getting wet by the rain as he gazed up at the sky. To his surprise he didn’t feel the rain but see an umbrella over him and turned to the side. “Hey…” Hiromasa said with a calm smile holding the umbrella. ****

In a local small restaurant, through a window Tatsuro could be seen eating a flounder sandwich happily and sat back feeling at peace a bit as Hiromasa drinked black coffee. “Ahhh…I needed that…didn’t know a funeral could create an appetite, thanks” Tatsuro said smiling again. “No problem, you lost a good friend, support you need no matter what” Hiromasa replied and sipped down his cup. “I would’ve loved to hear my dad say that…always at work…home is like no option anymore” Tatsuro said looking at the window at the rain pouring. “…same here but with a correction...stepdad” Hiromasa said in an aloof sarcastic way with a smirk that made Tatsuro smile as he looked at the window still.

“Yo! Glad I found you guys here” Ginjiro waved smiling as he enter in the restaurant making all the waitresses drool as he worn a hooded jacket but shirtless with matching navy blue shorts, showing off his very masculine body. “…okay, well this Hiromasa Yamaguchi, my longtime classmate in school” Tatsuro shook his head and smile at Ginjiro. “Cool, Ginjiro Minamoto, this is really great, this is for you” Ginjiro grinned giving him a letter and shook off his wet body abit that made Tatsuro hold his nose. “Hmmm…?” Hiromasa read the letter that was an invitation to the mansion by Chiyo, who he met during a random sneak out night. “Sorry, I’m busy today…see ya Tatsuro, catch up later” Hiromasa said leaving as he put up his umbrella.

“What’s up with you?” Ginjiro said with a smirk of curiosity as he stood in front of Tatsuro. “Not be rude…but you smell like a wet dog… it stinks…like really I might die if you come closer” Tatsuro said holding his nose playfully that made Ginjiro feel like three daggers hit his back hard. Suddenly a cellphone began to ring and Tatsuro got up and went to answer it in privacy outside the restaurant as Ginjiro relaxed on a booth seat ordering steak. “Oh…hey dad, what’s wrong?” Toshio said answering the phone. “…its Eichiro…he made it through surgery and repairs...hurry over, wants to see you” Dr. Kitagawa said kind and calm. Tatsuro smiled big and quickly caught a ride to the clinic with no hesitation.

At the clinic Tatsuro was happily greeted by Nurse Asato and followed his dad to a private patient room that had a few lights on and abit chillier than the other rooms. “Eichiro…?” Tatsuro said standing in confusion. “…. Tatsuro, welcome my friend… what?” Eichiro said as Tatsuro starred at him hard with suspicion. “Sorry but you have changed a lot…” Tatsuro said with a smile with his arms folded leaning up against the door.  “Is that so?” Eichiro smiled from the bed, his skin had grown ghostly white, his lost left eye, right arm, and left leg been replaced mechanically then had a strange pinkish red right eye. “I knew you were an alien heh” Tatsuro laughed and smiled sitting down. “…more like a vampire” Eichiro boldly said with a smirk.

Tatsuro sat stunned for a moment and Eichiro smiled getting up just a bit to hold up his wrist to the light by the sun from the curtains of a window. “….owwww!” Eichiro yelled as his skin instantly burned with his eye deep red from the pain. “Whoa man, get back in bed…besides…I never said I didn’t believe you” Tatsuro said with concern but smiled wrapping up the burnt mark gently. “That’s good to know, because I’m desperately trying not to attack my own best bud” Eichiro said with a struggling smile. “What? What I do?” Tatsuro asked shocked.

“Your blood is very intoxicating…why do I smell such two different scents from within you…I can even hear two hearts beats unlikely to be just one whole” Eichiro said in a lustful tone and sexy smile as his eyes turn darker red. Tatsuro was overwhelmed and embarrassed slowly crossing his legs and closing up his jack tight, smiling speechless in thought.

Sunset had happen in time as Tatsuro headed home with a ride by Nurse Asato, who was getting off early. “Thanks for the lift” Tatsuro said kindly up front and yawned still in his black suit. “Aww it’s my pleasure sweetie, you had a long day, a long funeral then to go to a hospital too” Asato replied driving happily. “May I ask how it went with your friend today?” Asato asked sweetly. “Let’s just say…has there ever been a reunion that wasn’t awkward but was nice in a way?” Tatsuro said sighing with a smile and Asato laughed. “Thanks again, get home safely” Tatsuro said waving as he was finally home. “Welcome and I will” Asato waved back smiling and droved off.


Tatsuro stood shocked slowly grabbing a baseball bat as he poked his door by the knob to discover not even closed and house filled in darkness but the light of his room he saw from the window. “…Hello? I advise you get out now!” Tatsuro said serious in threat with his eyes turning deep green with slit pupils. Tatsuro looked around for the intruder and noticed his excellent vision in the dark. A noise could be heard from his room and Tatsuro instantly charged in ready to swing the bat but stopped seeing just Presto relaxed in his corner biting one of his socks. “Silly cat, suppose to keep watch” Tatsuro smiled shaking head and sat on his bed tired.

“Heehee…” The sound of girl laughter made Tatsuro jump up on alert as Presto hissed as Tatsuro’s leg was grabbed making him fall backwards on the floor. His eyes wide in shock seeing the face of his attacker under the bed, crawling out with sound of chilling bones cracking like a winded up toy. “…Tatsuro…Sayomi Minamoto…heehee” The very hot pale girl said passionately in a gothic pink lingerie top pressing down upon Tatsuro with her big bust and sharp hungry fangs with eyes black of thirst…

At the mansion the door opened with Ginjiro answering it with a smile in his butler outfit. “So you came after all…My lady will be pleased a lot” Ginjiro said with a grin. “…yeah I seemed to just be in the area that’s all…” Hiromasa said coldly and walked in as Ginjiro had chuckled abit closing the door. ♥

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