The Heart Bleeders

In the small town of Endo, mysterious deaths and disappearances begin to happen around the same time new residents moves into an old abandoned mansion near the woods. A special kind of visitors looking for a mate and human food until the sunrise. Tatsuro Kitagawa, a young boy living in Endo begins to experience the strange happenings all around especially after one night gone wrong that changes his life forever…mostly human life.


8. Eighth Nightmare Wonderland


(Endo Town/ Clinic/ 11:40pm)

In his office after a long tough and stressful night of work with patients and Asato resting gently back to her healthy self once again, Dr. Kitagawa had fell into a small nap on his desk full of papers and documents. Yuzuki stood at his door smiling as she watched him and gently bent down to his ear. “I have something for you doctor…heehee” Yuzuki whispered smiling with her fangs showing abit playfully. “Mmmm…? Oh, did I fall sleep? Miss Minamoto what are you doing here still, its late right?” Dr. Kitagawa asked in a yawn and stretched from his seat. “I love the night…besides thought you could use a little company…and this of course” Yuzuki said holding a cup of coffee that Dr. Kitagawa took happily.

“Thank you very much, trust me my job is never done” Dr. Kitagawa said as he sipped down the coffee and stood up looking at his window outside at the night sky. “You must be awfully tired…and full of pressure on your shoulders…What makes you work so hard may I ask?” Yuzuki asked with a seductive smile standing behind him really close. The sudden memory of a snowy morning with a gorgeous girl walking and turned around with a lovely calm expression with a slow romantic smile appeared in his mind. “…My wife…deceased… wife” Dr. Kitagawa replied with a warm smile that became sad at the thought.

“I’ll will ease the pain…make you feel much better…relax” Yuzuki whispered again in his ear and began to bite down his neck with her fangs as Dr. Kitagawa stood weak in the knees and his blood going down his neck, dripping down upon Yuzuki’s finger that she licked off.****

At his home door outside Tatsuro had become completely frozen traumatized with a small tear running down his cheek onto Sayomi waking her up slowly as she layed on the ground in blood badly would by an accident. “…Tatsuro?” Sayomi said softly as some of her wound began to heal up her eyes wide in tears seeing Tatsuro’s shock state. “Tatsuro!” Sayomi cried out trying to reach him but still very much in pain holding her stomach. Tatsuro’s mind was sent back in time after seeing Sayomi’s really bad injuries to where as a little boy he stood the same deeply shock as his beloved mother was on the ground in a pool of blood. “Please…Tatsuro…come back…I’m here still…” Sayomi cried out more. He then could hear Sayomi’s voice calling for him and Tatsuro snapping out of it quickly picked Sayomi up into the house safely.

Sayomi woken up on Tatsuro’s bed to find herself had dozed off and had been bandaged up  with her wounds healed at last with Presto laying next to her to her surprise abit letting out a smile. “Hmmm…Tatsuro?” Sayomi called out looking around on the bed and found Tatsuro in a chair with his head down. “I’m sorry for what happen…back there…I didn’t know what happen to me” Tatsuro said in a very sad tone and Sayomi held her chest to see a small drop of water fall from him. “I lost my mom…the way you was….remind me of her…just laying there as I kept calling out for her…but she gave out one last smile and left me for good…” Tatsuro told griping his arm rest abit in pain of emotions he held back.

Tatsuro then let out a surprised look caught off guard as Sayomi held him tight from behind sweetly. “Tatsuro…can I stay by your side please? I can protect your heart… besides you drawn me right to you from the start and I thought I wouldn’t be able to resist the scent of your blood until I realized that…I’m falling in-” Sayomi cut off by Tatsuro who turned around starring at her and embraced her tight lovingly. Sayomi blushed overwhelmed with eyes closed feeling his body heat and big heart beats from his chest. “Thank you, can’t believe you was turned into a vampire…think your fate was mixed up because I think I just saw white feathers behind you” Tatsuro smiled warmly and winked as he kissed her forehead that Sayomi smiled big happily.

Meanwhile in the woods loud howling noises could heard and Ginjiro was carefully pulling the silver dagger out his back slowly yelling in pain that happen by Eichiro. “…Kill that little…oh?” Ginjiro said and grinned as his ghostly vicious big dogs found him. “Time to go hunting my pet’s heh” Ginjiro said standing up as one eyes glowed yellow and other a haunting red as let out a smirk at the half moon up at the sky. The strange gentle knock on the window had woken Hiromasa from his sleep and on alert a bit as his eyes wide in fear of a mysterious dark shadow casting upon his window blinds. “Please let me in…Hiromasa…” A small child like voice pleaded that Hiromasa recognized, going to the window to open.

There shaking scared and wounded bad from the attack was Chiyo. “What happen? No...Why have you come here? Even after the cruel things I said to you?” Hiromasa asked seriously concern. “I’m still sorry for the pain I put you through…but you was right…I’m a monster with an appetite unbearable to control or live without…but I was even hurt by what was my own kind…does that still make me the evil one even after begging for forgiveness and now…your help?” Chiyo said sadly still shaking as her sides and leg was bloody taking long to heal up. Hiromasa sighed and picked her up, bringing her inside his bedroom, getting supplies from the bathroom to Chiyo with her injuries. “You know the sun will rise soon, I don’t know staying here is best” Hiromasa said sitting on his bed rubbing his head. Chiyo let out a calm smile opening a large trunk by his bed and easily got in, laying down curled up like a cat. “Well that’s one of doing it…” Hiromasa said surprised watching Chiyo fall into a slumber, closing the trunk.

The morning sun had finally return waking everyone in town to another fresh day and Hiromasa already up was putting on his shoes by the house door. “Thanks sweetie for this…we run out of milk and eggs so quick, hurry back I’ll wait still tired abit” Mrs. Yamaguchi said kindly. “No problem, be back in a few minutes” Hiromasa said and left out with his mom’s list. Mr. Yamaguchi woke up walking past Hiromasa’s room and went back walking inside quickly in a bad temper cruel mood. “Where is that boy? Always running off somewhere...I’ll get to him soon...Ouch! Mr. Yamaguchi shouted hitting his toe into the trunk by Hiromasa’s bed. “What is that doing in here?!” Mr. Yamaguchi yelled trying to move it but stopped confused by the even more weight to it than usual…”Why is it so heavy? That boy filling his crap in here really is trying my patience!” Mr. Yamaguchi angrily opened the trunk slowly to see a small leg then whole body.

Chiyo in a deep slumber having a peaceful dream of starting over in a new calm life until it became a burning nightmare. “Eeeeeekkkkk!!!” Chiyo screamed loud holding her face, waking up feeling the wrath of the sun as Mr. Yamaguchi watched stunned and in terror as her skin burned easily. Mr. Yamaguchi speechless in fear instantly dragged Chiyo into the kitchen by her long black hair as she screamed more in tears hiding her face. “My stepson…dares to bring a demon into my house?! You must die for the sake of everyone, no more blood spill but yours!” Mr. Yamaguchi shouted holding up a sharp butcher knife like a twisted mad man as Chiyo cried in agony and completely frighten. ♥

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