A Diving in Memories ~ færdig historie

On a diving mission for DDF (Deutsch diving federation), 19-years old Edith finds an old diary at the bottom of the sea. Edith takes it with her up and keep it secret until she's sure about who it belongs to. But when she finds out the diary is from the 18th century she don't know what to do.


3. Chapter Three


Before I go to sleep I take a look at the book. And I get the answer of what kind of book it is; a diary. This must have meant something to someone… And maybe it still does. On the back of the book stands “My Diary”. But who’s? I can’t open the book, it would destroy it. I will take it with me tomorrow on work. We have a reconstruction machine for paper so I can find out how it looks. I put it back in the closet and starts to think over why I am so upset to find out what it is. But the only answer I can come up with is; seriously, I have no idea! I creep in under my quilt and close my eyes. Rai’ isn’t here. He has to work until late night. Sad. ‘Cause I wanted him here.


Next morning I wake early. The clock is only 4 and I have to be at work 7. When I reach the kitchen I find Rai’ sleeping beside his computer. I want him to go to bed but first I don’t want to wake him and however I try; I just can’t bear him. I end up sitting staring at him while I eat some soup. Weird breakfast, I know – Just a habit. A hour passes before he wakes.

‘Oh god. I fall asleep at my computer. Sorry, won’t happen again’ he says with a tired look. His hair is even more curly than yesterday.

‘You don’t have to apologize. I found it quite funny’ I say with a smile on my lip.

He smiles back and enter his room. I pack my bag and gets ready to leave. It takes an hour to get to the headquarter so today I’m in perfect timing. I takes the diary in the closet and shout ‘Bye’ before I leave. The car is holding up at the sidewalk. It’s old and rusty but it’s all we can afford right now.

While I’m driving I’m start to think the things through that we found on the bottom of the sea. But all the time the diary comes between. ‘Arh! Why can’t I think of my job? Stupid diary’ I say to myself. Brzzzzzz… Brzzzzz… My phone! I pull of the road and finds my phone in my bag.

‘Hello? Who’s there?’ I say through it.

‘Hello Edith. It’s Oswin! I just looked through some papers of “Missing stuff at the ship” and I asked everyone if they had seen something that might could be that. On the list there was a red book. I don’t know why, but of some reason.’

Shit! Why does he even call me?

‘Erika told me you had a red book yesterday. Did you found….’

‘No! I didn’t, I didn’t found anything on the bottom. Let’s talk later! See you soon, Oswin’ I says and push red phone.

Why did I lie? Why didn’t I told him. It’s a part of my job! To find things. And why does that stupid book even means so much to me? I have no idea.

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