A Diving in Memories ~ færdig historie

On a diving mission for DDF (Deutsch diving federation), 19-years old Edith finds an old diary at the bottom of the sea. Edith takes it with her up and keep it secret until she's sure about who it belongs to. But when she finds out the diary is from the 18th century she don't know what to do.


6. Chapter Six


When I come home Rai’ is there. He looks worse than yesterday, but when I ask him about something is wrong he just shakes his head and says it’s work. Normally, I wouldn’t ask Rai’ for advise but after this diary-thing I can’t see why.

‘Yesterday I was out diving’ I start.

‘Yeah, about that ship, right?’

‘Yes but I found something else than a part of the ship. I found an old diary. It’s from the 18th century.’

‘Wow that’s amazing! Can I see?’ he asks.

‘Maybe. But first; I need some advise. Me and Erika looked in it today’ I hold on for a second, ‘I just think…. Diary’s are personal. But it doesn’t matter. Cause Lucy lost it on a boat-tour. And she’s dead now.’

‘Who’s Lucy and what boat-tour?’ Rai’ asks. I understand why he is confused.

‘Oh, Lucy is the owner of the diary. Her family is poor and she was so excited for the boat-tour. We think she might have lost the diary on that tour.’

‘But what about the advise?’ he rubs his head.

‘Ehm, yeah. I don’t know what to do now with it. It’s just normal stories told from a normal girl. But still, to me it’s a big deal.’

‘I see’ he says and turn to thinking-mode. ‘Lay it where it belongs, I guess?’

‘You right. But where is that? Personally I would say beside Lucy in her grave. But I have no idea how to find her’ I say disappointed.

‘You’re right. But maybe the sea will put it where it belongs.’

I’m laughing. ‘Rai’ that’s a beautiful thought. I think your right. I will lay it back where it belongs’ I’m smiling now, ‘do you drive?’

‘Hey, I didn’t—‘ He don’t get to end his sentence before we’re out of the door and half the way down in the car.

It takes a while to get to the diving place. The weather is cold and frosty and most of all I just want to go home. But this is important, and I have to do this. Rai’ follows me half the way out and then stands beside the fishing house Oswin and his crew use to drinking coffe while we’re underwater. I follows the bridge out to the end and takes up the diary. ‘Bye’ I whisper and looking at it. I throw it out in the water and see it drowning.

I’m sitting in the car and thinking. Thinking why this diary meant so much to me. Why did I lie about it to Erika and Oswin, and why was it a big deal to me, to return it. First I have no idea but after a short thinking I remember. Because I used to have one of those when I was teen. I was fun writing in it and you could share anything. No judgments.  I loved it and keeping it safe was the best part. I didn’t wanted ANYBODY to read in it. Did Lucy felt same way? If she did I’m sorry for reading in it. But most important is that it’s safe now. A diary is personal. It’s best to think that way.

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