A Diving in Memories ~ færdig historie

On a diving mission for DDF (Deutsch diving federation), 19-years old Edith finds an old diary at the bottom of the sea. Edith takes it with her up and keep it secret until she's sure about who it belongs to. But when she finds out the diary is from the 18th century she don't know what to do.


4. Chapter Four


When I drive in at the parking lot I shot the car door hard so it gives a smash. Oswin comes out of the building and looks worried at me. He’s asking me about the book and for the second time I refuse. He opens the door for me in to the headquarter and ask me if there is something specific I want to take a look at. I shake head and ask him where I can find the reconstruction machine for paper.

‘Go right until you see a green door. Enter it and you’ll be there’ he says and smile like it’s cool how easy it is. ‘But why even?’

‘Doesn’t matter. ‘Will only take few minutes – thanks!’ I say and move. Goes right and enter the green door where I find Erika. She looks at my face, then at the book that I took up while I walked.

‘Okay Edith. Now your telling me what’s going on! I know that isn’t your book. So tell me. Who is it?’

I looks at her like a child who don’t understand. ‘I…. Found it.’

‘At the bottom, right?’

‘No, I mean… I… It’s just… Yeah, I did.’

‘And what your gonna do next’ she ask me.

‘Doing next…?’ I’m not sure I understand.

‘With the book?’ she says.

‘Oh. I would find the person this diary….’

‘Diary?’ she says.

‘Yeah, it’s a diary.’

‘Oh’ she says cute like she’s embarrassed, ‘then it’s not what I’m looking for. Or what Oswin looks for.’

‘Sorry’ I say and about to turn around.

‘Don’t go! Don’t you wanna read it?’ Erika says and point at the reconstruction machine.


‘Come on!’ she grabs the diary out of my hand and turn to page one. The whole side is wheat and you have to be very careful if you don’t want it to crumble away. Erika lays it in the machine and close the gate. She turns it on by clicking on a green button.

‘Now we just have to wait a few minutes’ she says and smiles at me. ‘Okay’ she says then; ‘I knew from the start that it wasn’t your book. I saw you when you picked it up.’

‘Oh…’ I says. Not much, but that’s all.

‘But why did you lie in first place?’ she ask and look curiosity at me.

‘Actually, I have no idea. It’s just like; it makes me.’

Erika smiles. ‘Well… If it’s alright with you I’ll join your little diary team.’

I nods and looks at the machine. Erika sits down while I’m standing until the machine bips. She connects her computer to the machine and opens a program. The first page of the diary pops up and soon it’s so clear, that you can read it. It says:

Dear Diary

You do not know me, but I know you. Or do I? Well I hope I at least gets to know you. Someday. We are going to spend a lot of time together. Precious time. Time that mother and father says I should waist on learning. But right now, all I want to know; is myself. Hope you will help me.

But first of all: My name is Lucy or Lousiane. That is what mother and father calls me. I don’t like that name, not at all. So I made Lucy, and I want you to call me that, please? Lucy Erdmann. My father is farmer and my mother is cook. We are very poor. Unfortunately.

Lucy E.

‘Wow that was….’ Erika says.

‘Beautiful’ I end her sentence.

‘Yeah!’ She takes the diary out of the machine and turn the page.

‘No I don’t think we should, Erika. It’s per…’

‘Come on! I don’t think Lucy Erdmann minds we looks in her diary. She’s sure already dead.’

What? The book can’t be THAT old. I look at the first page. The date of it is…… 21th of July…. 1832?

No, it can’t be possible.

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