A Diving in Memories ~ færdig historie

On a diving mission for DDF (Deutsch diving federation), 19-years old Edith finds an old diary at the bottom of the sea. Edith takes it with her up and keep it secret until she's sure about who it belongs to. But when she finds out the diary is from the 18th century she don't know what to do.


5. Chapter Five


Erika gets the next site and then the next, and next. She’s probably think that Lucy’s diary is amazing, but I don’t. It still belongs to her, in some way. Erika reads everything on every site. I just catch some words here and there.

Dear Diary

I am back. After a long trip. Hope you did not missed me, but I missed you. I know, it is stupid to talk like that to a diary but out here on the farm I do not have any friends. Not real friends. Mother got tickets for a boat-tour. I cannot wait to get along. There’s just one problem. I’m scared of water. But I just have to breath deep. I really want to go. It is tomorrow and I am going to take you with me. If you do not have any other plans. Be my guest, please?

Lucy E. 4th May 1833.

Erika turns the page. We’re in the middle of the book now.

‘Erika we have to get to work. We’re already been in here for over a hour’ I say.

‘Alright. Last page’ she puts the diary in the machine and soon it pops op on the computer. But… it’s empty. ‘I don’t understand’ she says and try to reconstruct it again. Nothing happens. She turns to next page; either anything.

‘Don’t you see? She lost it on the boat-tour. And it ended up here. There’s nothing more’ I say.

‘I suppose so’ Erika says and takes out diary of the machine. ‘If you don’t mind I will keep it.’

No. I don’t want her to. No one is going to look in it again. It’s personal stuff. I had a diary when I was 8. So I know how it feels. I shakes my head. ‘Sorry Erika. I’ve got other plans.’

She handles me the book.

‘Thanks.’ She nods and opens the door.

‘But if you decide….’ She says until I interrupt her by shaking my head. Okay her face says and leaves the room. What to do now? Should I keep reading? No, not when I told Erika I wouldn’t. A diary is personal stuff. Whatever it’s from the 18th century or from 20th century. I opens my bag and puts the diary in a little room.

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