pegasus magic

this is a story for my friend sidrah,
a 12 yr old girl names clara discovers a magical world of Pegasus, she must help them get back into their own dimention or they will all die out.


1. home

Clara was walking home, all on her own. She was already late for her special dinner with dad and his new girlfriend Anna. Claras mum died a year ago from lung cancer. Did he already forget mum? sometimes Clara would wonder was dad ever in love with mum. As Clara walked along the sidewalk she kept on hearing noises, like horses, it was getting louder and louder untill suddnley she was sure she could her a horse behind her. Clara got more and more suspicious, what or rather who was following her? Clara quicklly spun around to notice a hudge silver horse standing right their looking at her, their was something odd about the horse, for a brief moment Cara could have swore that the horse had wings. This was not just any horse, it was a pegasus.

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