We belong together

A story about a couple who can't live with and without each other.


3. Just let her go


“Hey there, Sleepy head. Having a nice time, huh?” Ryan opened his sleepy eyes and looked at her. Sara was standing near the sofa with folding arms and a frustrated smile on her lips.


“ Ahh..Sara. Hey, how’s life?” Ryan gave her an innocent look and made an effort to get out of the couch.


“Let’s just say I had a very patient day cause you stood me up, Ryan” she lost her temper suddenly “And I was waiting for you like an idiot for hours. Jeez! When will you grow up man? I was so worried about you. Do you have any idea?” She sure seemed worried.


“Yeah. About that. Sara, I don’t think I… I should see you…anymore. I mean I am doing just fine. You know. Being by myself. Don’t waste your time on me.” Ryan was trying to mellow her down.


“Really. What’s with you? Waiting for someone else? Wait. Wait I think I know who would that be. So, you saw Lynette, again?” Sara was quick to react and she was sure about her judgment.


“Drop the friggin tone Sara. Moreover, I don’t need you anymore. Ok. Hate to tell you this but we are done. Alright” Ryan lost his patience though feeling guilty from the inside but she left no choice


“Too late for that, you moron. And it’s me who’d decide when it would be over. You hear me, Ryan. Because I ain’t your girl friend or a dumb friend or even a family you can turn your back on, any time you feel like. I am your doctor, dammit. And you need me.” Sara put her foot down


“What do you want from me, Sara? I tried. I really, really tried but it is beyond me. I can’t do it. Not any more. So just stop trying and let me live my life the way I want. Please. I am begging you” Ryan’s voice was breaking and his face was filled with emotions which he couldn’t hide anymore.


“Stop living in an imaginary world, Ryan. I know what you are doing to yourself” She said convincingly


He broke down.


She let him be for a while.


“Don’t quit, Ryan... Just hang in there... You’ll be fine... You’ve got to make peace with yourself… Just let go of your past ... Let her go, Ryan. Lynette is not coming back as she has gone forever... You know why? Cause your baby needed her more than you needed her here... So she had to make a choice and trust me, she is in a better place. Don’t let her feel sorry by living like this. Just make it easy on her... She loved you Ryan and she deserves a better goodbye than this. I am not asking you to stop remembering her. Just stop waiting on her and move on. This is what love is. It keeps us strong when its there in our lives and even stronger when leave us behind with the cherished memories in our hearts.” Sara looked into his eyes with hope and took his hands into hers. It seemed tears from Ryan’s eyes washed away much of his pain. He seemed much calm now.


There was a silence in the room for a while.


“What a damn speech, Sara. But you just nailed it…I… I am not very good with goodbyes, you know. I just hope Lynette is happy wherever she is and taking good care of our child... And... And I promise that I will try to live my life, she would have wanted for me.” Ryan sounded peaceful


Sara started walking out of the room feeling much better.


“Thank You Sara, I hope not to see you any more” Ryan smiled at her


“Hmm. We’ll see about that.” Sara smiled back and moved out.

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