We belong together

A story about a couple who can't live with and without each other.


2. I will wait forever


“How many times you saw me crying ever, Lynette” Ryan looked into her eyes sitting right on the sofa.


“Really? This is how it’s gonna be?” Lynette tone seemed sarcastic


“You’re welcome and off you go!” Ryan was in no mood of small talk


“Alright... have it your way…I think, first time when Bruno died…and…another time when we lost our unborn child” Lynette voice cracked but then immediately pulled herself together “What do you think you are doing, Ryan? Is this some kind of your sick joke? Hhh......”


“You are not supposed to ask question, Lynette and I am not done yet” Ryan intervened and continued “You know why did I really cry?”


“Because you loved both of them and it hurt you when they left you behind. Right?” Lynette tried to avoid looking into his eyes but a tear rolled down her cheek.


“Not really, Lynette. I adored Bruno like my own child and he loved me back but the damn dog loved you even more. He would have taken a bullet for you even. And when he died and I saw you broken, I knew he left a void in your life that I wouldn’t be able fill ever” Ryan found his lips shaking while he spoke but he continued “ Second time when that doctor told me they could not save our girl child during delivery, I cried… I cried as I could not get to tell my baby that she and her mom meant the world to me. And even if she had to leave us, I promise that I and her mother would be enough for each other” His heart melted with each word he spoke and his eyes got watery.


“I know Ryan, always did…but we drifted apart and I am not putting all the blame on you. Now... Now I don’t have strength to give us one more chance. We are done” She managed to speak with her chocked throat


“Really Lynette?  Then answer this one…Why do you keep sending me these papers to sign them when your own signatures are missing on it?” Ryan exploded his frustration


“What? Ahhh..It must be some mistake. I did. I think I did…I don’t know how it happened, Ryan. Let me see.” She took the papers in her hands and realized the mistake.


“It’s not your fault Lynette. Really. I know why you didn’t. But you should also understand that we… we are meant to be. We can’t let go of each other. Not like this. You would never want me to sign these damn papers, I know that. So stop pretending otherwise. Move on, take your time, take may be forever, but am gonna wait right here until you come back.”

Ryan lied down on the sofa and closed his eyes.


Lynette grabbed the papers and dragged herself out of the house with tears pouring down her face.




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