We belong together

A story about a couple who can't live with and without each other.


1. I am fine without you!


Ryan was sipping coffee in the backyard. He was feeling tired working all day in the garage like every other day and on top of it, the coffee smelled and tasted awfully bad. It did not bother him much as he knew he had no choice. He heard some foot steps coming down the dining hall and though he was sure who it was, he decided not to respond.


“Ryan, you dumbass . Who do you think you are? You…” Lynette spoke breathlessly


“Hi Honey. Forgot something?”  Ryan interrupted her


“I didn’t, but you forgot to sign the divorce papers again. That’s so typical of you.” 

And what is this god awful smell in the house, anyway?” She felt like throwing up


“Oh..its the fragrance of my new life since you left. I thought you would love it. C’mon, have a sip” Ryan offered her the coffee and looked at her. Lynette took a cup to get a sniff and blasted at him “You should be dead by now drinking this shit. Why don’t you find another dumb chick for yourself if you really want to live?”


“Nah, I really suck at it. But I am touched to know that you still care” Ryan giggled


“Had your fun? Now what it’s gonna take to make you sign these papers, Ryan? I want to move on, really” Lynette’s tone was restless


“Really? Cause last time I checked, you already moved on” Ryan spoke moving into the house


Lynette followed him inside and Ryan placed himself on the sofa in front of TV.


“Don’t piss me off, Ryan. Just tell me what you want” She pleaded


“Ok, just answer three of my questions and I will let you your wish” Ryan tried to comfort her


“Alright, bring it on” She seemed convinced

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