Just too late

Keellie sitting in the therapist's office is asked to read a note, as she does you learn Kayliegh's story however it may not be quite what you think Keellie has helped in destroying Kayliegh 's life but these two girls are linked in a way you wouldn't first imagine.
Keellie has something to say and someones willing to listen so please take the time to hear to you might be surprised not all bullies are cruel and heartless.


7. Keellie-guilt when reality hits


“So there it is her letter” I handed it back to the woman sitting across from me her grey hair pulled back in a bun and her face looking concerned.

“Keellie I understand”

I felt the anger I had been keeping down boil over the edge like water from a kettle

“NO, NO YOU DON’T HOW COULD YOU!”  I stood up screaming

I sighed and sat down head in my hands “I killed my own sister” I cried and cried for the first time since she died

“Keellie, you didn’t kill her, she took her own life there was nothing you could have done”

“But I drove her to it” I choked 

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