Just too late

Keellie sitting in the therapist's office is asked to read a note, as she does you learn Kayliegh's story however it may not be quite what you think Keellie has helped in destroying Kayliegh 's life but these two girls are linked in a way you wouldn't first imagine.
Keellie has something to say and someones willing to listen so please take the time to hear to you might be surprised not all bullies are cruel and heartless.


6. Kayliegh- the escape


Once at home I took too my room and stayed there my mum tried to talk to me but I told her I was ill and wanted to be alone she got the hint and left me too it.

Over the weeks this became more frequent Christen and the others would follow me and I just couldn’t take it anymore. Even my sister the last person you would expect is hurting me.

I felt so alone

I’m sorry I can’t talk about it anymore I just want it over

I love you all really I do this is just my escape.

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