Just too late

Keellie sitting in the therapist's office is asked to read a note, as she does you learn Kayliegh's story however it may not be quite what you think Keellie has helped in destroying Kayliegh 's life but these two girls are linked in a way you wouldn't first imagine.
Keellie has something to say and someones willing to listen so please take the time to hear to you might be surprised not all bullies are cruel and heartless.


5. Kayliegh- progression and the truth about Keellie


After that it progressed to being pushed over in the halls or on the field. I have tennis ball sized bruises on my body from p.e and what I hated most was class was the only time I ever felt safe and if the teacher leaves the room for Just. One. Minute. That feeling of being ok, of being “safe” is ripped away from my sights leaving me desperately reaching to nothing, because none wants to help a freak.  

The worst day was when I finally knew something I had been denying. I was ready to walk home but felt a hand pull me sharply by the shoulder and I stumbled backwards terrified of facing my five worst nightmares





And One other

All five with long slender what most girls in school define as perfect figures.

Laurie with her shoulder length red hair rounded face and green eyes

Jenny with her long blonde hair falling to her waist and big baby blue eyes

Annie with her curly mousey brown hair pulled back into a pony tail

Christen with her jet black waves her dark skin her brown eyes which to me better suited daggers

They all smirked and christen stepped forward

“Look girls its little Kayliegh” she mocked and I braced myself as she lunged forward missing me by an inch and the others chimed in with her laughter as I flinched trying to protect myself weakly.

“Isn’t she just pathetic” I heard christen say seconds before she pushed me to the floor

“Yeah” I heard one girl standing in the back reply and I felt the tears prick my eyes

“GET UP!” Christen screamed and I scrambled off the floor as the rest laughed once more

“Why don’t you do something” christen asked the girl who had replied to her moments before  

“Wh..h..h what do you mean?” she stammered back

I was watching her and I didn’t expect for Christen’s hand to collide with my face. I didn’t feel pain at first but after the first few seconds my hand flew to my cheek and it began to burn and sting.

Tears rolled down my cheeks

“I mean like that” Christen winked “Try it”  

she shuffled from the back and stepped towards me till we were face to face

Now you were probably wondering what I meant by

“I have the privilege of taking it all home with me” and why I didn’t want to mention Keellie because right now standing face to face is like looking in a mirror

This girls name Keellie,

Keellie is my twin sister

And now her hand is colliding with my face just like Christen’s only this time my knees buckle and I fall to the ground. Looking up I watch them walk away laughing Keellie looks back but I can’t bring myself to look at her.

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